No, Millennials are not lazy

Stuart Varney,

One third of young adults 18 to 34 live at home. This is a much higher proportion of stay-at-homes than previous generations. And there is a tendency for older people to condemn these youngsters, they are criticized as lazy. Or they have a sense of entitlement.

Hold on a minute. Things were very different back in the day. Here we go, Varney drones on about himself….well…bear with me.

I left home just before my 18th birthday. I was fortunate enough to be accepted into Britain’s Peace Corps and I spent a year in East Africa. Then I was fortunate enough to get a government grant for college. Not a loan. A grant. And when I graduated, I promptly sold all my possessions and travelled the world on a dollar a day, you get the picture, I was not in debt. And opportunity stared me in the face.

Today’s youngsters do not have it so good. Student debt is a chronic problem. So are the very limited job opportunities and then there are house prices and the difficulty of getting a mortgage.

Those kids living at home should of course be encouraged to get out and make their own way. But let’s be reasonable, things have changed since my day, and not always for the better.

And one more point: you should see the work ethic of the youngsters who work here at Fox Business; the millennials I see are anything but lazy.