Once Again, Rep. Al Green Lobbies for Trump’s Impeachment


The same Congressman who introduced four articles of impeachment earlier this month is now, once again, calling for the president’s impeachment.

Democrats are getting a little giddy in their attempt to impeach President Trump (over absolutely nothing) because they do not like him. Sorry to be the one to tell you, but Trump isn’t going to be impeached. In fact, I am going to go out on a limb here and say that he actually has a great chance of being elected for another four years in 2020!

Earlier this month, Representative Al Green introduced four articles of impeachment but stopped short of “forcing a vote.” He wanted to give his colleagues and the public to have time to review the articles before he pushed for a vote.

Now he is making a second case for President Trump’s impeachment.

Fox News Insider reports:

Green said he felt the need to defend Wilson, who he said had her integrity questioned by Trump when he accused her of not telling the truth about the circumstances surrounding a call he made to a military widow.

He said, “I rise today to defend the honorable Frederica Wilson… I believe it is not the color of skin, but rather the color within that determines the worth of men and women.”

“So, I defend her worth,” he said.

Green criticized White House Chief of Staff John Kelly for his “empty barrel” comments, but said it was more Trump’s “influence” on the respected veteran that forced him to make such an accusation.

He accused Trump of “demeaning the dignity and respect that [his] office demands.”

Green said, “This has to stop. I believe the remedy for this kind of behavior and the impact [he] is having on society is impeachment.”