President Trump May Cut +50% of UN Funding

Daniel Greenfield,

50 percent is halfway to 100 percent. Of course the FP piece predictably wails about the consequences to the UN’s useless aid programs that accomplish nothing except to fatten bureaucrats and fund terrorists. 

State Department staffers have been instructed to seek cuts in excess of 50 percent in U.S. funding for U.N. programs… the White House is scheduled on Thursday to release its 2018 budget proposal, which is expected to include cuts of up to 37 percent for spending on the State Department, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and other foreign assistance programs, including the U.N., in next year’s budget. The United States spends about $10 billion a year on the United Nations.

That’s $10 billion too much. USAID is another sinkhole.

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On March 9 in New York, U.S. diplomats in a closed-door meeting warned key U.N. members, including wealthy donors from Europe, Japan, and South Korea, to “expect a big financial constraint” on U.S. spending at the United Nations, said one European diplomat.

“There are rumors of big cuts to the State Department budget, but again, on our side, no figures,” the diplomat said.

Good. Bush tried to rein in UN spending. Obama turned on the spigot. It’s time to turn it off again. Ideally we ought to pull out of the UN altogether. But reducing the money we spend on it and redirecting it to a worthwhile project, like a nice big wall, is a good start.

The United States has to pay just over 22 percent of the U.N.’s $2.5 billion administrative budget. Additionally, Washington pays billions of dollars for peacekeepers and helps underwrite a swath of other programs that fight hunger, settle refugees, and battle climate change… If Washington fails to honor its funding commitments to the U.N.’s regular budget, which is obligatory, it could lose its voting rights in the General Assembly. 

Good. That would make a push for withdrawal easier to sell.

  • DrArtaud

    I live in Mt. Oliver, a tiny town actually located in the City of Pittsburgh. We have our own police, fire department (volunteer), and Mayor. We do not have schools, so our children go to the Pittsburgh Public Schools and we pay taxes to Pgh for that service. Brentwood, a community out the road from us, has a higher percentage of working residents that earn greater mean incomes than Mt. Oliver residents. Both Mt. Oliver and Pittsburgh have Earned Income School Taxes, all I could find for Brentwood is property school taxes.

    EI=Earned Income

    ———————-EI Tax—-EI School Tax

    Pittsburgh——-3.000% ——-2.000%

    Brentwood——1.000% ——-N/A

    Mount Oliver—1.000% ——-2.000% Paid to Pgh

    As I left the house today for an appointment, I traveled through Mt. Oliver and Pittsburgh, the main streets covered in snow. Entering Brentwood, the main street was completely clear of snow, including the parking spaces along the main street, the roads looked like it had rained at some point they were that well cleared and salted.

    I texted my wife and asked her why we pay taxes? The streets often go untouched, and listening to the Pgh police radio (Mt. Oliver is on the Pgh freqencies and often receives help from the Pgh police) at times, it’s clear that the police are just as frustrated with frequent poor response to clearing and salting the roads.

    That’s the way I feel about the U.N., what are we getting in return for our money? Not much, it’s rather like PBS and NPR, funded by the govt, so that tax payers, Conservative and liberal alike, pay for it, yet all the shows are tailored for liberals, and usually terribly insulting to Conservatives / Republicans and their values.

    The output of the U.N. is oriented to liberal ideals. Climate change, abortion, homosexuality. Even if they were upholding reasonable ideals, we should never have started, nor should we be expected, to pay more than our fair share. Why has Syria deteriorated so far, why are Syrian refugees polluting the world with their muslim ways? If the U.N. was functioning, we wouldn’t even need to ask these questions.

    It’s time to end this madness, and Trump and his administration are the people to do it.