Rush Limbaugh Is Right to Call Out Weather as ‘Fake News’

Douglas MacKinnon,

Right after the latest blown “Monster Blizzard” forecast by the National Weather Service and national and local forecasters looking to boost ratings at the expense of the public, Rush Limbaugh called them out on it.

As he rightfully articulated, this was not just “Whoops, we made yet another huge mistake” moment. Because of their breathless and erroneous forecast, 8,000 flights across the country were cancelled, public transportation (mostly used by working-class Americans) was curtailed or cancelled and countless businesses were closed in anticipation of this latest “Storm of the Century.” With the ripple-effect of these cancellations and closures, millions of Americans paid some kind of real and painful price.

Of late, there is a tendency for the liberal mainstream media not to criticize these forecasters. There are two main reasons for that and one silly one. The silly one being that nobody on earth has thinner skin than these forecasters when they are wrong. No one.

weatherfn_small Rush Limbaugh Is Right to Call Out Weather as 'Fake News' Weather

Aside from that, years ago, I spoke with the news director for a popular local television news station in a major market. He told me that in terms of actual interest, viewers tuned in for “Weather first, sports second, and news dead last.” He stressed that over the years, “Weather forecasting has become the cash-cow of local news and that in many ways, they were the Court Jesters of the station whose job it was to entertain our viewers and keep them coming back.”

He also explained that weather forecasting is the “most inexact science ever.” He said that the “seven day forecast is a complete joke and the only people not yet in on it are the viewers.”

He justified that observation by pointing out that a few decades ago, “Station A would have a one day forecast so then station B across town went to a two day forecast and then Station A went to a three day forecast and so on until we ended up with the useless seven day forecast.”

To put the exclamation point on that, he stressed, “Watch any seven day forecast and then look at it the next day. More often than not, it’s been changed because the truth is, we usually still don’t know the weather for tomorrow.”

The other main reason the liberal mainstream media is now so hesitant to criticize these massively blown forecasts is political in nature.

For the last number of years, to be hired as a meteorologist at a national or local level, you had to be a proven disciple of the evils of “Global Warming.” Commonsense, honesty and ethics tell us that science is never “closed” and yet, when it comes to these liberal forecasters and “Climate Change,” the science was closed a long time ago and if you disagree with them, you are a heretic deserving to be shut-down and smeared.

Like the “Monster Blizzards” which never form, year after year, many of these same liberal weather “forecasters” have predicted hurricane doom for the state of Florida. Don’t take my word for it. Google these predictions for the last decade and then have yourself a good laugh at the excuses for why it didn’t happen.

There is a connect-the-dots parallel here. The liberal mainstream media does not like to criticize these breathless and blown “Blizzard of the Century” forecasts because they know if they do, those “gullible viewers” may next start to questions their dire predictions regarding “Climate Change.”

Rush Limbaugh put the subject center stage where it needs to be.

There are real consequences to be paid for blown forecasts and the social-engineering of science.