Switzerland will not block online casinos

Online casinos in Switzerland have undergoing severe harassment. The country has not yet been legalized with the online gambling operation. This situation has a negative impact on the Swiss economy, and all because in the world and in the European Union in particular, the online casinos are actively developing.


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The Swiss authorities obsessed with the changes in the current legislation. They intend to work to legalize online casinos, thereby improving the economic situation of their country. Now they already understand that strict regulation of gambling and possible support from the state of their development have a positive impact on the economy of gaming operators and will increase influx of customers in the country.



Thus, lawmakers decided not to block casino sites in Switzerland, located abroad. The Committee on Legal Activity voted against the proposed bill.

Committee of the Swiss National Council voted 13-12 against the draft.


Bill supports most terrestrial operators in Switzerland as offline institutions are trying to deal with the “invasion” of gambling sites.


Legislators have proposed alternative: Swiss Federal Gambling Commission will monitor and take action to foreign operators who violate tax laws.