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Conservative Leaders Demand Full Repeal of Obamacare

Gage Cohen | CNS News, “The Affordable Care Act is unsustainable,” said Senator DeMint. During a conference call on Friday, conservative leaders from organizations including the Tea Party Patriots, Club for Growth, and ForAmerica, as well as former U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), demanded that Republicans in Congress completely repeal the Affordable Care Act, popularly

How Liberals Use Compassion to Hurt People

John Hawkins, Of course, most conservatives are well aware of the damage liberals do to minorities with their supposed compassion. Liberal “compassion” toward minorities consists of treating them like incompetents who can’t do anything for themselves, fish-hooking them through the jaw with government assistance, and encouraging them to nurse grievances and feel like victims. That

Allen West: “Threading the Needle of a Global Security Debacle”

Allen West, It continues to amaze me, perhaps not, how recalcitrant the media has been in not addressing the horrific global security situation that was bequeathed from the Obama administration to the Trump administration. The misguided vehemence in which the media has pursued a windmill called Russian intervention into our election is quite telling. Early

Massachusetts sixth-grader going to bus stop cited for trespassing

A sixth-grader in Massachusetts was served by police with no-trespass orders after neighbors grew wary of the girl cutting through their properties to get to and from her school bus stop. The mother of 11-year-old Autumn Blanchard told the Cape Cod Times her daughter received three pink no-trespass notices from the Harwich Police Department on

Spring breakers reportedly chant ‘build that wall’ during Cancun cruise

A Mexican newspaper on Monday criticized a group of tourists from the U.S. on spring break who reportedly chanted “build that wall” during a cruise off Cancun, The San Francisco Chronicle reported. The chanting occurred on a “Pirate Ship” attraction. The Yucatan Times called the chant an act of “xenophobia and discrimination against Mexicans within

Person in Custody After Driving Up to White House Checkpoint Claiming to Have a Bomb

Emergency Vehicles were On Scene at White House Checkpoint Last Night as Man Claimed to Have Bomb. More flashing lights and sirens outside of the White House as a man allegedly drove up to a checkpoint at the perimeter and claimed to have a bomb in his car. Here is the scene, via Twitter. On March 18, 2022

Russian Official Tells CNN: ‘Stop Spreading Lies, Fake News’

Dan Lyman | Infowars, ‘Has US media reached rock bottom?’ she asks? Russian Foreign Ministry Official Maria Zakharova tore into a CNN international correspondent, telling him to “stop spreading lies and false news” as he hounded her about the latest conspiracy theories regarding Russian ties to the Trump administration. Chance appeared on CNN to recount

Kellyanne Conway, back in a media spotlight she never really left

Howard Kurtz, For a woman who has supposedly, allegedly and ostensibly been “sidelined,” Kellyanne Conway is suddenly about as high-profile as you can get. In little more than 12 hours, she appeared on “Hannity” and “Fox & Friends,” gave a kickoff speech at CPAC and did a bunch more interviews at the conservative conference. It