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Kentucky’s Public Pension Crisis Illustrates the Need for Pension Reform

Jesse Hathaway, Kentucky state lawmakers continue to delay reforming the state’s public pension systems. If changes are not implemented soon, the state’s underfunded and overtaxed pension plan crisis will devastate Kentucky, necessitating more tax hikes and additional crippling government debt for many years to come. Kentucky’s eight government pension plans are operated by three major

Real-ID allows police to control ‘fundamental aspects of our daily lives’

MassPrivateI Thanks to Real-ID, DHS has created a national ID system right under everyone’s noses. According to the above video, Tennessee is ‘Spreading the Good Word’ that DHS now has the power to suspend and revoke anyone’s drivers license or identification card. A recent article in the Lebanon Democrat, reveals how DHS and the Tennessee DMV suspended more

Media Keep Butchering the Facts

David Harsanyi, Since its passage, and in a way that is unlike any policy issue in modern American history, the press have rallied to the defense of Obamacare. From day one, there has been almost no light between the average liberal activist and average health care reporter. Or the average “fact-checker,” for that matter. “Fact-checking”

More Rational Policies in Our Future?

Paul Driessen, In the wake of President Trump’s exit from the Paris climate treaty, reactions from other quarters were predictably swift, nasty, sanctimonious and hypocritical. Al Gore paused near one of the private jets he takes to hector lesser mortals to say the action will bring “a global weather apocalypse.” Billionaire Tom Steyer got rich