Treason is in the air

Bill O’Reilly,

We now know that somebody either leaked or hacked into CIA files that explained how U.S. intelligence is tracking enemies of the nation.

WikiLeaks, again, says it has released almost 9,000 documents from the CIA Center for Cyber Intelligence.

A Wall Street Journal editorial put it this way:

“The losses from this exposure are incalculable. These tools represent millions of dollars investment and man-hours. Many will now be rendered moot as terrorists or foreign agents abandon traceable habits.”

So again, ISIS, Al Qaeda, other killers now know how the USA is tracking them.

Therefore the leaks are a treasonous act.

According to the Reuters news agency, the CIA breach happened during the Obama administration.

“The Factor” has learned that some of the computer systems used by the agency are more than 40 years old, easily hacked into, easy targets of theft.

We have also been told that bids are out to high-tech companies to upgrade the computer facilities of our intelligence agencies.

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That will cost tens of billions but is absolutely necessary in this very dangerous world.

But no matter how sophisticated the hardware gets, we still have people committing treason inside the government.

We reported on that Tuesday night.

Since taking office, President Trump has been bedeviled by leaks, with classified information being fed to the anti-Trump press among them.

So now we have a growing catastrophe. Obviously the CIA and other intelligence agencies cannot protect their secrets.

And so far only a few individuals have been charged with violating national security.

In 2013, then-Private Bradley Manning was convicted of six Espionage Act violations plus theft and computer fraud for giving stuff to WikiLeaks.

Just before he left office, President Obama commuted Manning’s 35 year sentence, allowing him to leave prison on May 17th after seven years.

Many objected to the leniency shown Manning.

Talking Points believes that leakers of classified documents are actively committing treason.

And it’s apparent that the federal government does not have a handle on how to apprehend these traitors, much less stop the espionage.

America is the most sophisticated country in the world, but we cannot protect the private conversations of our leader, our intel secrets, and our counter-terrorism measures. We can’t protect them! Obviously, a dangerous situation.

President Trump should order the FBI to aggressively investigate all leaks and hacks, assigning that a top priority.

Wednesday Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee requested a meeting with FBI Director Comey on the hacking and leaks.

Mr. Comey should do that as quickly as possible and it should be televised.

Americans need to know if this situation is completely out of control or what.

  • DrArtaud

    Bill O’Reilly missed the salient points.

    1. The govt is using these technologies not to catch “Rasool ur Ra’ahmah bin Siratum Mustaqeem” but to spy on Donald Trump et. al.

    2. The individuals responsible for storing these wonderful weapons of spying on political candidates Terrorists so capriciously should be jailed and put on trial for treason. Nothing like a little responsibility and owning up to failure to do your job.

    3. Threats against Trump:

    U.S. National security officials are reportedly ready to “go nuclear” after President Donald Trump’s latest attack on the intelligence community.

    In a series of tweets….Trump insisted that the “real scandal” was not that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn lied about his contact with Russia. Instead, the president blasted what he said were “un-American” leaks that led to Flynn’s ousting.

    On Wednesday, former NSA intelligence analyst John Schindler provided some insight into the reaction of national security officials.

    “Now we go nuclear,” he wrote on Twitter. “[Intelligence community] war going to new levels. Just got an [email from] senior [intelligence community] friend, it began: ‘He will die in jail.’”

    “US intelligence is not the problem here,” Schindler added in another tweet. “The President’s collusion with Russian intelligence is. Many details, but the essence is simple.”

    Intelligence. Bwhahaha, the same people that let a contractor, or a hacker, make off with the critical spy tools used against political opponents Terrorists, can hardly, in the vaguest terms, be considered “intelligent”, complacent maybe, or arrogant, but intelligent is more than a stretch. The intelligence community should be purged of such louts that would issue challenges against the president, especially a president that is aggressively trying to fulfill his campaign promises to seal the border, adopt sensible checks for muslim refugees, create jobs, and return manufacturing. The “Intelligence community” is essentially endorsing the downfall of America so that they can continue their work unchallenged. Not only should they be removed from their jobs, but assessments made of the threats, and to the likelihood that any person or persons may pose an additional threat for revealing secrets, and they should be jailed accordingly. This is the problem with their “tools” being used against Americans, they amass information and become extortionists.

    4. Of course Bill O’Reilly covers for them with the old computer spiel, I’m not buying it Bill, are they using Commodore 64’s or TI-99s. These computers apparently are new enough to extract the desired information from state of the art electronics, I’m sorry Bill, it just doesn’t square with what we’re seeing.

    The only question here is what do they have on Bill?