Trump’s new political operative has a plan to knock Cruz out cold!

Donald Trump’s new hire, Paul Manafort is shifting gears for the Trump campaign and rumor has it that he has a plan. Manafort looks like he’s earning his keep. Something called the “172 Plan” going into operation if this is correct. “172” equals the number of delegates up for grabs on the 26th.

DCWhisper heard the rumor:

“Here is a brief summary of what will simply be called the “172 Plan” :

**Talks are ongoing and more numerous between Team Trump and a second party over the last 48-hours.

**If these talks lead to an agreement, it will be a game-changer in the 2016 Republican nomination process.

**Manafort is said to be personally leading the negotiations with Donald Trump’s full approval. In fact, it’s believed Manafort was the first to suggest this scenario last month but did so then more as an observer of the campaign. Now he is a top-ranking operative/adviser for Team Trump.

**This ongoing negotiation has sent the Cruz campaign scrambling to block further negotiation from materializing and getting a considerable assist from powerful GOP forces.