Coffee shop loyalty card shows hole-punch through Trump’s head

A Pennsylvania coffee shop is brewing up controversy with its loyalty card.

The front of the card has the typical 10-count with its logo to punch, but on the back – pictures of 10 people management does not like: Donald Trump, Rick Santorum, Ann Coulter, Mike Pence, Martin Shkreli, Pat Robertson, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz.

Black Forge Coffeehouse co-owner Nick Miller says the cards are designed to look like a shot in the head when the card is punched.


Co-owner Ashley Corts says she’s had the loyalty cards since 2015 and recently updated the cards to include President Trump. She says it’s meant to poke fun at the president.

“We’re not threatening the president,” Corts said. “We don’t want to physically hurt him, we do not condone any sort of hate. It’s completely against who we are.”

Prior to the card’s update, customers could find Glenn Beck, Creflo Dollar, Jerry Falwell and Billy Graham on the loyalty cards.

One Black Forge client says it’s a good business strategy. 

“They’re practicing their freedom of expression,” Matt Ticco Thornton told Fox News. “Their coffee shop’s been packed, and I know how hard it is for a small business to get noticed.”

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But not everyone likes the cards, Black Forge is getting threatening messages from all over the country, Corts told Fox News. 

“It’s no one from our state,” she said while looking at the area codes while going through the shop’s phone.

People also took to social media to post negative comments about the coffeehouse. A few tweeted about the lack of Democrats on the card, suggesting some additions.

Others were concerned about the President’s safety, Drake Bowan commented to Fox News via Facebook message “I honestly think they ought to have the secret secretive called in on them.  They are telling people that it’s OK to [mimic] the idea of murder against the president.”


Duquesne University College Republicans Vice President Nicholas Lacono expressed dismay, writing in a Facebook message, “Seeing such violence and hate coming from the left because we are Republican/Conservative is despicable. I would like this country to unite on both sides of the aisle and this story is certainly not helping the cause.”

Corts said she has a message for the critics.

“Understand that we are people too,” she said. “We respect you as a human as well.”

Corts said the cards could get an update again in the future.

  • DrArtaud

    My, my, this asshole coffee store is, essentially, in my neighborhood. Worse still, many customers are likely Pittsburgh City Police.

    Street View showing Police Precinct Building and Black Forge Coffee House immediately behind it.

    Their initial page has a Java program (how ironic) pop-up discussing the punch card saying they are going to continue to use it. Underneath the pop-up, visible by turning off the Java feature on your browser, is a Ram humanoid in a robe holding a scythe in its left hand, and a coffee type vessel in the right with characters (writing) on it, possibly of a satanic nature.

    Looking online, I found the following article about it. It has an image on the page of what appears to be hot coffee being poured into a woman’s eye.

    Decibel Magazine Article: Black Forge Coffee combine metal, coffee, and video games, finally

    The magazine describes various points of the establishment, art gallery (I can just imagine), stage, and other functions. In a quote from the linked article is the following:

    When you walk into Black Forge the first thing you’re going to notice is the color scheme—black, lots of black. The second thing you will notice is the artwork; we double as an art gallery. Once a month we host a new artist and we cover every inch of our walls with as much art as we can. At this point, you’ve probably tripped over our stage because you were staring at the art; we’re a coffee shop by day and a music venue by night. We average anywhere between 20 and 25 events a month. Most events are metal shows;…..We also tend to put things on our shirts like Goat priests and people having hot coffee poured into their eyeballs. We’re metalheads that hail Satan and drink black coffee; we wanted to open a place for people like us…..

    Oh, once a month the have a woman that professes to be “an artist, a witch, and a Tarot card reader” to come in to read Tarot cards. Overall, sounds like a wholesome fun place, not!

    Police often boycott businesses for stupid things their employees say, and I’ve supported those boycotts if the management is unwilling to address the problem. In my humble opinion, it is not appropriate for the Pittsburgh Police to continue to patronize the store (assuming they are), both because of the absurdity that handing out those punch cards designed to make the various Conservative and Republican persons listed as having a “bullet hole” through their head. It is also not appropriate to patronize a satanic themed (at minimum) store for the convenience of buying coffee, an understandable police, fire, and paramedic staple. No Republicans, Conservatives, or Christians should, IMHO visit the establishment either.

    Further details freely available from their web page at the following link:

    Web Site: Black Forge Coffee House

    Contact Form: Black Forge Coffee House Online Contact

    Black Forge Coffee House

    Black Forge Coffee House | Darkness Brewing Eternal in Allentown, PGH Since MMXV (2015)
    Mon – Fri 7am – 8pm
    Sat 8am – 8pm
    Sun 9am – 6pm