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Free Speech For Me, But Not For Thee

Jerry Newcombe, “Liberal censorship” is technically an oxymoron. But today liberal censorship is a common reality. Where once free speech reigned on college campuses and in other secular institutions (or at least it was so thought), today you have the totalitarianism of political correctness. Say the wrong thing, and you may be fired. Dissenting Justice

This Is War

Derek Hunter, Republicans never have been particularly good at the culture war. Sure, they won battles here and there. But even most of those victories turned into losses through court decisions anyway. Now we’re in the midst of the ultimate battle in the culture war – the battle for the First Amendment – and if

No, Millennials are not lazy

Stuart Varney, One third of young adults 18 to 34 live at home. This is a much higher proportion of stay-at-homes than previous generations. And there is a tendency for older people to condemn these youngsters, they are criticized as lazy. Or they have a sense of entitlement. Hold on a minute. Things were very

Serve Where It Counts Most

Terry Paulson, In America today, people may differ in how they define what it is to care. Some are more focused on nurturing and giving, caring enough to provide a welcoming sense of security in the tough times. Others are more comfortable showing tough love—caring enough to hold one accountable and let them gain confidence

Drain the Higher Ed. Swamp That Produced the ‘Hang Trump’ Prof.

Bruce Thornton, Lunatic lecturer is only a symptom of a larger disease. The uproar over a Fresno State history lecturer’s tweets about assassinating President Trump is understandable, but in the end the outrage is pointless. It’s doubtful the feds will charge the fellow, given how outlandish and obviously hyperbolic the tweets are. Nor is he

Michelle Malkin: Who’s Unsafe on Campus?

Michelle Malkin, Springtime may be in bloom, but snowflakes never go out of season at America’s most prestigious colleges and universities. Quivering students at the University of Notre Dame launched a protest last week against the school’s decision to invite Vice President Mike Pence as commencement speaker. Activist Imanne Mondane told the campus newspaper that