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Communism and Millennials

Jerry Newcombe, In mid-December, a science editor for BuzzFeedUK, Kelly Oates, tweeted, “All I want for Christmas is full communism now.” Once this tweet was noticed, she withdrew it and issued an apology. A month earlier, another BuzzFeedUK staffer, Blake Montgomery, had responded to a tweet from President Trump. The president had declared November 7,

Confederate Flag Controversy? Spoonbread Festival 2017 to be held in Berea Kentucky

The Spoonbread Festival will return to Berea in September, but with new conditions regarding the display of the Confederate flag. Last year, the Berea Chamber of Commerce voted unanimously to cancel the 2016 Spoonbread Festival amid concerns over safety and controversy over the Confederate flag. “I know the citizens of Berea want Spoonbread to happen

What’s Behind ‘Multiculturalism’

Laura Hollis, Two well-known columnists — Ben Shapiro and Walter Williams — criticize the left’s love affair with Islam this week. In his column, Shapiro says that the left aligns with Islam because both want to destroy western civilization. Williams defends the west’s values against those on the left who claim all cultures are equally