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The Most Dangerous National Security Threat No One’s Talking About

Congressman Trent Franks, The North Korean dictatorship boasted that they have tested a hydrogen bomb underground in September. Such a hydrogen bomb has the power to destroy Manhattan, killing 8.5 million New York City residents in a couple of seconds. But, there is a prospect potentially even more deadly and terrifying. A hydrogen bomb, exploded within

Airlines told to ‘be prepared’ for expanded electronics ban

Jake Gibson, Brooke Singman, U.S. officials have told airlines to “be prepared” for an expanded ban on carry-on electronic devices allowed on airplanes.  Homeland Security spokesman David Lapan confirmed to reporters Tuesday that the administration is considering expanding the ban on laptops, which currently applies to U.S.-bound flights from eight countries in the Middle East

DC plans ‘full-scale’ terror attack drill, amid NK tensions

Local governments in the Washington, D.C., region are planning a “full-scale” terror attack drill for Wednesday – an exercise that comes amid mounting tensions with North Korea and other threats. The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments confirmed in a press release that law enforcement and first responders will participate in the exercise “designed to prepare

Trump Security Chief: I Saved Obama’s Amnesty Plan

Hank Berrien, On Friday, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, targeted by House Democrats over President Trump’s immigration enforcement policies, made a startling admission, boasting, “I’m the best thing that happened to DACA. It is still on the books.” Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, aka DACA, was implemented by the Obama administration in June 2012, permitting

DHS intel report on travel ban politically motivated

Officials in President Trump’s administration Friday downplayed an intelligence report by the Homeland Security Department that contradicts the White House’s main arguement for implementing a travel ban on seven predominantly Muslim countries. The report, which was viewed by The Wall Street Journal and Associated Press, determined that the “country of citizenship is unlikely to be a

U.S. Homeland Security employees locked out of computer networks

U.S. Department of Homeland Security employees in the Washington area and Philadelphia were unable to access some agency computer networks on Tuesday, according to three sources familiar with the matter. It was not immediately clear how widespread the issue was or how significantly it affected daily functions at DHS, a large government agency whose responsibilities

Nearly a dozen passengers walked through unattended TSA checkpoint at JFK

Police were racing Monday to identify as many as 11 people who apparently walked through an open and unattended checkpoint at New York’s JFK Airport. The passengers walked through the Terminal 5 screening area at around 6 a.m., Port Authority Police told Fox News. They said they searched the terminal for those passengers around 8 a.m.

ICE Raids Are Picking Up Felons, Many Are Child Abusers

S. Noble, Highly visible ICE raids are taking place in a number of U.S. cities. The goal is to arrest criminal illegal aliens. Open borders advocacy groups have organized protests wherever the arrests take place. The media is refusing to report that these are routine arrests and the raids are aimed at the illegal alien

Homeland Security Secretary Models Real Leadership

Robert Charles, As the Left gins up protests, media talkers fume over a President’s style, Congress “boycotts” confirmations, and bureaucrats sign “dissent cables,” something else is happening in Washington – and going unnoticed. Leadership is rooting. Former General, now Homeland Security Secretary, James Kelly just modeled it. He did something not often done in Washington

DHS Secretary Kelly says executive order ‘wasn’t a surprise’

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly on Tuesday denied reports that he was kept in the dark about President Trump’s immigration executive order, while defending the plan’s implementation and vowing to carry out the order “humanely.”  “We knew it was coming. It wasn’t a surprise,” Kelly said, in his first press conference since the order on