Laura Ingraham Rocks RNC with Populist Appeal

Edmund Kozak, LifeZette editor-in-chief fires up GOP convention with anti-globalist message for the future. Watch Video Here

No matter the outcome of the election, it’s clear that the populist issues of trade, immigration, and sovereignty raised by Donald Trump in the 2016 campaign aren’t going anywhere, and are indeed poised to become the defining political issues for the GOP.

Speaking at the Republican National Convention Wednesday night, LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham delivered a decidedly populist, nationalist message in support of Trump, and issued a direct warning to the pro-globalization Washington elite that their “days of corruption are over.”

“Hillary Clinton thinks America is just another nation in a global order, but Donald Trump knows that a nation without borders isn’t a nation at all.”

“Let’s defeat the Clinton machine,” Ingraham said. “Let’s send the consultants, the pollsters, and the lobbyists packing … let’s give the power back to the people.”

Denouncing Hillary Clinton as a globalist who “helped to orchestrate America’s decline,” Ingraham said Trump “respects us enough to tell us the truth about immigration and trade.”

These sentiments were echoed by Sen. Jeff Sessions in his speech to the RNC gathering Monday, when he noted that “our voters spoke clearly on two critical issues in our primaries: trade and immigration.” Sessions said that their voice vindicates Donald Trump and his positions on those issues.


“It cannot be our policy to have workers from abroad take jobs while we provide support payments for unemployed Americans,” Sessions said. “Bad trade deals close factories, and end high-paying jobs.”

lauraingraham_small Laura Ingraham Rocks RNC with Populist Appeal

“Excess immigration floods the labor market, reducing jobs and wages,” he continued. “Improper vetting places our nation at risk of terrorism. Remember, the president has the clear power to ‘suspend’ immigration to protect America,” he said.

The power and importance of these issues has become obvious over the past few years, despite the Establishment’s intense resistance to them. Indeed, since the advent of the Tea Party movement, the Republican base has become increasingly hostile to those within and without the party who would sacrifice national sovereignty, prosperity, and integrity for the interests of an elite few.

Ted Cruz was infamously forced to reverse his support for fast-track trade negotiation authority after an outcry from a livid conservative base. Even amnesty- and globalization-supporting Rep. Paul Ryan can see the writing on the wall.

Fearful of defeat in an approaching primary election, Ryan sent out mailers last week giving the impression — some may even say pretending — that he is strongly anti-immigration, and supports Trump-like policies on Muslim migration.

“Keeping America safe is a big job. And it’s the most important one there is,” the mailer reads. “Protect our Homeland — that means securing the border, confronting Islamic Terrorism, and tackling new threats by stopping them from reaching our shores,” it says.

This week Ryan released a video implying a strong stance on terrorism and Muslim immigration. “After the terrorist attacks in Orlando and San Bernardino, Americans are right to be worried about ISIS plotting more attacks,” Ryan says in the video.

“As your congressman, I have passed legislation to stop radical Islamic terrorists from entering the U.S. and I’m working with national security experts to change practices so we can prevent future attacks. Just talking about national security is not enough. We need new laws and action by the administration to protect Americans.”

Ryan may be pretending for now, but he will need to get used to the idea of taking a more populist stance on these issues, should he desire a long career in politics. Indeed, these are issues that transcend the GOP base. In many ways, much of Bernie Sanders’ economic message echoed Trump’s America First attitude on trade.

Even Occupy Wall Street, though its methods and political affiliations are utterly horrid to any right-minded conservative, was protesting against powerful, government-back Wall Street banks which rely on globalization — feeding off of the offshoring of American manufacturing jobs, cheap immigrant labor for the rest, and the resulting destruction of small businesses on Main Street.

Trump has brought issues that fundamentally transcend party lines to the forefront of a national election. A new political divide is emerging clearly between globalists and national sovereigntists.

“Hillary Clinton thinks America is just another nation in a global order,” Ingraham said in her RNC address. “Donald Trump knows that a nation without borders isn’t a nation at all,” she said. “Donald Trump knows that a country must put its citizens first.”