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Democracy and Ferguson

Steve Chapman  Not all the residents of Ferguson, Missouri, are black; not all of them are out protesting; and some think the protesters are neglecting a better option for change. “There are so many people here that don’t vote, but they think they have the rights to everything in the world,” one man told NPR. […] Continue reading →

The Conservative Case for… Travis Childers?

Dustin Hawkins,  Why The Democrat From Mississippi Deserves a Second Look Now here me out. Suggesting that conservatives take a good look at Democratic nominee Travis Childers for the US Senate in Mississippi isn’t a suggestion motivated by “revenge” against Thad Cochran, even if that is a tempting in itself.  I wouldn’t suggest Kentuckians look […] Continue reading →

Most Americans, and most Democrats, do not wish Hillary had won in 2008

Allahpundit,  I’m surprised, not because I think Hillary’s wildly more popular than O but because, in year six of an increasingly lame lame-duck presidency, you’d think “anyone but Obama” sentiment would be high on both sides. And since Hillary’s the Democratic nominee-in-waiting, she’s the obvious “anyone” in a poll like this. Democrats can idealize her […] Continue reading →

GOP unearths “please delete e-mail” directive from Obama health official post-launch

Mary Katharine Ham,  Remember Marilyn Tavenner, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services? She headed the prominent division of Health and Human Services that decided to be general contractor for the building of despite having none of the skills to do that successfully, apparently. So, since the launch, members of Congress have […] Continue reading →

Obama’s Foreign and Domestic Policy: When the Going Gets Tough, Go on Vacation

Donald Lambro  WASHINGTON – President Obama is on a two-week vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, as wars rage across the Middle East and Ukraine, terrorists threaten to topple Iraq, and Republicans are on the brink of capturing the Senate. Around the country, a deepening mood of anger and anxiety permeates America’s electorate, with the midterm elections […] Continue reading →

Republican takeover ‘more and more assured’

Chris Cillizza  The Washington Post asserts that lucky breaks and the downfall of Tea Party candidates means a Republican takeover of the senate is nigh: The decision by Sen. John Walsh (D-Mont.) not to seek election in November in the wake of a plagiarism scandal is the latest piece of good news for Republicans as they strive to […] Continue reading →

Taking Back America One Block at a Time

Terry Paulson,  This week I had the honor of speaking to the docents at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. They’re the guides and the hosts who bring Ronald Reagan to life for a new generation of Americans. Many who visit weren’t alive or paying attention when his administration brought America back from the cultural malaise […] Continue reading →

Nearing 2014 Finish Line, Pelosi Stumbles

Debra J. Saunders  In the past few weeks, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has referred to Hamas as a “humanitarian organization,” likened the thousands of unaccompanied minors at the U.S. border to the “baby Jesus” and flouted House etiquette by heckling a GOP member. When Republicans talk that way, it’s a story. Not with Pelosi. […] Continue reading →

5 things to know in Tenn. primaries

 Five things to know about Thursday’s primary elections and other ballot issues in Tennessee: ___ 1. RACES TO WATCH The U.S. Senate primary has brought some of the sharpest duels. Tea party-backed candidate Joe Carr is seeking to upset Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander, who appears to have a clear edge but certainly cannot ignore the […] Continue reading →

GOP establishment on a roll over tea party

 Add Kansas to the list of states where tea partyers tried and failed to knock out Republican Senate incumbents. Next up, Tennessee, and the odds are getting tougher for the upstarts. Three-term Sen. Pat Roberts dispatched tea party favorite Milton Wolf on Tuesday, edging out the radiologist and distant cousin of President Barack Obama in […] Continue reading →

Libertarians could cause problems for Republicans in key Senate races

 Libertarians a factor in key Senate races but downplay GOP spoiler theory. Libertarian voters, advocating everything from less government to legalized pot, seem the perfect wildcard in any November election, peeling off Democratic or Republican votes. However, their stronger allegiance to the Republican Party and frequent opposition to establishment candidates continue to create more problems […] Continue reading →