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While We Await the Court’s Ruling on Masterpiece Cakes, A Dose of Reality from India

Michael Brown, The Supreme Court has now heard the arguments in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case, a case that pits gay rights against religious rights. But a ruling is not expected until June 2018. That gives us plenty of time to ask ourselves, “Would I lose my livelihood because of my religious convictions? Am I willing

Will Texas Cave like North Carolina?

Katie Kieffer, Let’s talk toilets—specifically, transgender-designated toilets in Texas. Democrats are messing with Texas, pushing hard against SB 6, the Texas Privacy Act, which makes an individual’s biological sex the determining factor for accessing bathrooms, locker rooms and shower rooms in the Lone Star State. “Essentially what they’re arguing about is, Should trans people be

Proposed Chick-fil-A has students at Duquesne aflutter about microaggressions

Todd Starnes, A gay student group at Duquesne University fears that a proposed Chick-fil-A outpost could jeopardize the school’s safe spaces. “Chick-fil-A has a questionable history on civil rights and human rights,” Lambda executive board members Niko Martini told The Duke (the university’s student newspaper). Martini asked student government leaders to pass a resolution urging the

Sex, Gender, Confusion and Distraction

Suzanne Fields, Sex and gender are serious subjects, but academics, pundits and the pop media have so stretched their meanings to use as weapons of political persuasion that the words sometimes don’t mean very much. Communication becomes confusion and distraction. The worst is when we’re told to be blind to the obvious differences of the sexes

Aye and Begorrah: First Amendment Rights Massacred on Saint Patrick’s Day?!

Arthur Schaper, On, March 19, 2017, the annual Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade will march through South Boston. However, what will not go reported is the latest assault on the First Amendment against American citizens. How? A homosexual group finally forced its way into this very Catholic event. “Forced” is the key word, people. What

School administrators don’t have much tolerance for student’s ‘straight pride’ posters

Victor Skinner, JASPER, Ind. – At least one student at Jasper High School has heard enough from his LGBT classmates. The unidentified 16-year-old posted “Straight Pride” posters at Jasper High School last week, and the hilarious notices are not going over so well with school officials, the Dubois County Herald reports. “Celebrate being straight

L.A. Gay Pride Parade to Be Replaced by Anti-Trump March

Joel B. Pollak, The organizers of the annual Los Angeles gay pride have announced that this year’s march will be replaced by a protest against President Donald Trump. Local West Hollywood news outlet revealed late last that “the annual pride parade has been canceled, ceding to the nationwide LGBT Resist March that is scheduled