Obama Minions Saddened at Losing Power #ThursdayThought

Daniel Greenfield,

The world’s smallest violin, currently on display at the National Archives, has a special composition just for this occasion.

There’s a mass exodus underway this week at the White House. As Obama holds his last news conference Wednesday, his staff is busy packing up their offices and turning in their BlackBerrys. For some who joined Obama’s team right out of college, it’s the end of the only professional experience they’ve ever known.

And by professional, they mean working for the government.

“This is the only world I’ve known,” said Clay Dumas, who took time off from college to work for Obama’s 2008 campaign, then interned at the White House before being hired four years ago. He said he was searching for a job that would allow him to continue advancing values and policies he worked on in the White House. “Whatever I do next will be a huge continuation of that.”

obamaminiions_small Obama Minions Saddened at Losing Power #ThursdayThought Liberals

OFA is hiring. And Obama will be able to hook plenty of his old people back into his government in exile.

The finals days of any president’s administration are always bittersweet and heavy on nostalgia, as officials face the transition back to being “civilians” who will no longer have their hands on the nation’s levers of power.

Yes, it’s hard not to feel nostalgia for the time you could rule over the lives of millions despite being unable to get a cup of coffee without spilling it all over your shoes.

There were tears on the faces of some White House aides on Tuesday as press secretary Josh Earnest appeared in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room for his final press briefing — his 354th as press secretary, Earnest said.

There are tears on the faces of some of the victims of Obama’s reign of terror. But mostly relief.