Some White House Republican hopefuls want curbs on legal immigration

Republican 2016 presidential hopefuls Scott Walker and Rick Santorum are suggesting a potentially controversial way to boost Americans’ job prospects: admit fewer legal immigrants into the United States. The notion, absent from presidential politics for at least 20 years, could help them tap into the frustrations of working-class voters who have struggled with stagnant wages… [Read More]

Republicans look to deliver blow against ObamaCare tax

Despite the recent Supreme Court ruling upholding ObamaCare subsidies, opponents of the law remain poised to strike a key blow against another component of the health care overhaul in a matter of months.  Republicans, with help from Democrats, have gained momentum in their long-running effort to repeal the law’s controversial 2.3 percent excise tax on… [Read More]

In emails, Hillary’s outside advisers pushed hawkish Afghan line

In the fall of 2009, as U.S. President Barack Obama conducted a long, divisive review of whether to pour more U.S. troops into Afghanistan, an influential group of advisors were quietly pushing a hawkish line. The advisors didn’t work for Obama’s White House, however. They were veterans of President Bill Clinton’s administration and they peppered Obama’s… [Read More]

Clinton can’t use a fax machine (and other lessons from State Dept. email dump)

Hillary Clinton and her staff were confused about attending high-level White House meetings. Top presidential aides didn’t know how to reach the secretary of state, months into the administration.  And when it came to using fax machines … well, Clinton was no pro.  These are just a few of the colorful details emerging about Clinton’s… [Read More]

Clinton struggled to fit in with Obama’s White House, emails show

Hillary Clinton struggled to fit into the government of President Barack Obama after being appointed Secretary of State in 2009, according to emails released by the State Department on Tuesday. They showed Clinton turning up for meetings that had been canceled and worrying about how much time she had with her new boss, revealing growing… [Read More]

Obama sheds cool style for ‘fearless’ final lap in office

Barack Obama has reached the stage of his presidency where if he wants to break out in song publicly, as he did with “Amazing Grace” in a eulogy on Friday, then he’s going to do it. With a year-and-a-half left in office, Obama is shedding some of his trademark “no drama” style for a looser… [Read More]

White House reportedly hid extent of Office of Personnel Management hack

The Obama administration reportedly concealed the true amount of information compromised by a cyberattack on the federal Office of Personnel Management (OPM) for several days after the initial disclosure of the hack, according to a published report.  The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that the day after the White House admitted that hackers had breached personnel… [Read More]

Obama Just Announced This New Terrorism Policy Shift That Is Raising Serious Concern

President Obama announced Wednesday a major policy change regarding how the administration deals with hostages captured by terrorists. After meeting with several families of deceased hostages, the president announced from the White House “that the United States government will not make concessions such as paying ransom to terrorist groups holding American hostages.” The new policy,… [Read More]

Editor says he owes GOP sources ‘an apology’ after new Gruber emails

Longtime political journalist and pundit Mark Halperin says he owes his Republican sources “an apology” after apparently doubting their claims that MIT economist Jonathan Gruber played a major role in crafting ObamaCare.  Halperin, Bloomberg Politics managing editor, addressed the controversy on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Monday, after a Wall Street Journal report first revealed emails… [Read More]

Body of missing ex-White House chef found in New Mexico

Searchers found the body of a former White House chef who vanished more than a week ago on a solo hike through New Mexico mountains. Authorities did not release 61-year-old Walter Scheib’s cause of death. The body of Scheib — who cooked for Presidents Clinton and Bush, their families and their White House guests between… [Read More]

Detroit Newspaper Columnist: Burn Confederate Flags to Destroy ‘Figurative Fire’ of Hate

All Confederate flags should be burned to fight their “figurative fire” of racism with “the real thing,” columnist Joe Lapointe said in an op-ed piece in The Detroit Free Press. “There is no need to respect a symbol that is as evil and vicious to African Americans as the Nazi swastika flag is to Jews,”… [Read More]

LISTEN: Ghost From Clintons’ Past Surfaces In Explosive, Newly-Discovered Audio Sure To Haunt Hillary

Newly uncovered audio sheds light on the state of mind of the White House during the Clinton administration toward a “right-wing conspiracy” years before Hillary Clinton ever uttered the phrase. Former Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Donna Shalala, interviewed in 1994 by the late Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Haynes Johnson, shed light on the early attitudes… [Read More]