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Obama Golfs On Saturday, Then Holds Nighttime Ebola Meeting–Which New Ebola Czar Skips!

 President Barack Obama’s new Ebola “czar” Ron Klain has skipped another White House meeting. President Barack Obama’s new Ebola “czar” Ron Klain has skipped another White House meeting on the Ebola crisis, a readout of who attended a Saturday meeting with Obama shows.  Obama held the Ebola meeting after spending four hours and 40 minutes […] Read More →

White House shifts into crisis mode on Ebola response

 Rising public anxiety about the Ebola virus has forced the White House to shift into crisis mode and cancel two days of planned political events as President Barack Obama strives to show he has control over stopping the spread of the deadly disease. Just three weeks ahead of critical midterm elections, Obama is facing increased […] Read More →

Documents show how White House defended Clinton

 WASHINGTON — The White House made a public push to defend President Bill Clinton during a series of investigations related to the Whitewater real estate deal to his affair with intern Monica Lewinsky, according to thousands of pages of documents released by the National Archives. The documents, part of 10,000 pages of records from the Clinton […] Read More →

GOP lawmaker: Possible White House cover-up

 A lawmaker leading a congressional inquiry into the Secret Service raised questions Thursday about a White House volunteer’s possible involvement in a prostitution scandal that rocked the agency two years ago. Rep. Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee on national security, said in an interview that the White House had […] Read More →

Obama allies getting harder to find these days

 President Barack Obama is finding himself with few friends in Washington. His former Pentagon chief is criticizing his foreign policy. Longtime political advisers are questioning his campaign strategy. And Democrats locked in tough midterm campaigns don’t want Obama anywhere near them between now and Election Day. The disenchantment with Obama is in part a reflection […] Read More →

Biden apologizes to Turkish Pres. for saying Turkey allowed foreign fighters into Syria

 Vice President Biden on Saturday apologized to Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for saying the Turkish leader admitted his country made mistakes by allowing foreign fighters to cross into Syria. Biden spoke directly to Erdogan to “clarify” comments made on Thursday at Harvard University and apologized for “any implication” that Turkey or other allies had […] Read More →

Bogus Congressman Said to Get Backstage at Obama Event

 An unidentified man posing as a member of Congress made it into a secure area backstage at President Barack Obama’s appearance at a Congressional Black Caucus Foundation awards dinner in Washington Sept. 27, according to a White House official. The man entered the backstage area during or just after Obama’s speech at the Walter E. […] Read More →

The Culture of Passing the Buck

Jackie Gingrich Cushman,   The director of the Secret Service, Julia Pierson, was questioned this past Tuesday by members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform regarding lapses in Secret Service Performance. The hearing focused primarily on an incident that took place on September 19. Omar J. Gonzalez, 42, allegedly jumped the White House […] Read More →

Secret Service director resigns under fire

 U.S. Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigned under fire on Wednesday after a series of security lapses came to light that exposed gaping holes in the protective cocoon around President Barack Obama. Pierson, in her position for just 18 months, faced mounting calls from lawmakers to step down in the fallout from a September 19 […] Read More →

Trey Gowdy Destroys Director of Secret Service Over 2011 Shooting Incident

Katie Pavlich,   Yesterday Secret Service Director Julia Pierson fielded questions from furious and skeptical lawmakers after a number of serious failures by the agency to properly protect the President.  Pierson started her testimony by saying she “takes full responsibility” for the failures, especially the most recent incident of fence jumper Omar Gonzales making it all […] Read More →

Semi-retired president has skipped more than half of his daily security briefings this year

by Allahpundit,  Via Breitbart, a little garnish for the Obama failure sandwich you’ve been dining on this morning. In O’s defense, surely some of these briefings were missed not because of inattention but because he had more pressing matters to attend to. Like Democratic fundraisers. Maybe it’s time to change the joke from “semi-retired” to […] Read More →