Obama Spokesman Twists Self Into Giant Pretzel of Hypocrisy #FakeNews

Lying for a living can’t be good for your soul. Or your sense of reality.

Obama spokescreature, Josh Earnest, has been lying for Obama. And now as the end of his tenure approaches, he’s found a whole new way to twist his reality and morality into a pretzel.

The issue is Obama’s pardon of Bradley Manning, a traitor who passed national security materials to Wikileaks, a site that, until around 5 seconds ago, Democrats had been insisting was a dangerous Russian front and anyone associated with it was a traitor. But doesn’t that make Obama a traitor.

No, Josh Earnest explains, it makes Republicans intellectual inconsistent, because Trump.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said GOP lawmakers have put on “an astonishing display of intellectual dishonesty,” citing their support for President-elect Donald Trump.

joshearnest_small Obama Spokesman Twists Self Into Giant Pretzel of Hypocrisy #FakeNews Headlines

“Those are the same Republicans on Capitol Hill who endorsed a man for president who praised WikiLeaks, defended the integrity of Julian Assange even as he was trashing the patriotic men and women who work in the United States intelligence community,” Earnest told reporters at a breakfast sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor. 

“The argument they make against Chelsea Manning,” he added, “requires the American people to willfully ignore those comments from the president-elect, the man they endorsed.”

Except the argument that Earnest and Co. are making against Trump requires them to view Bradley Manning as an enemy agent. Except they are choosing not to do that.

The “astonishing display of intellectual dishonesty” is put on by Earnest and his boss whose only response to their own self-indictment as traitors is to complain that Republicans haven’t condemned Trump. Or something.

“I’m tempted to say this is an astonishing display of intellectual dishonesty from congressional Republicans, but it is just par for the course for them,” Earnest said.

Follow up question. What does it feel like having no soul?