WOW, 35% Of Americans Say They’d Consider This Extreme Action In The Age Of Obama

Considering how often the president of the United States criticizes his own country as a nation plagued by systemic racism, unfair to aspiring immigrants, burdened by the stains of social injustice, and economically divided by class struggles, it may actually be little surprise how many Americans say they’d consider giving up their citizenship. CNBC reports… [Read More]

Chilling New Map Reveals Where FBI Is Preparing For ISIS to Strike

For most Americans, the Fourth of July holiday means a summer celebration filled with family get-togethers, picnics and fireworks. Sadly, it also means the Islamic State group may awaken sleeper cells in the United States to carry out terrorist attacks. The FBI has declared that there are no specific, credible threats against the United States…. [Read More]

For America, real progress achieved nearly by accident

It is tempting to look for signs of America’s direction in the late June ritual of reading the U.S. Supreme Court’s most momentous decisions of the term. Last week’s rulings in support of marriage equality, fair housing and Obamacare would suggest that on fundamental issues of daily life — the equal status of all love,… [Read More]

I’ve Never Said This Before – But It’s Time For You To Start Buying Guns and Ammo

Steven Crowder, Now before you label this as a “crazy” post, I’m not talking about, nor am I predicting, some doomsday scenario. Don’t expect me to be selling you seeds, food preserves, or bomb shelters anytime soon. That is not what I am suggesting here. I’m also not suggesting that you need to buy yourself… [Read More]

The Arming of Benghazi

The United States supported the secret supply of weapons to Libyan rebels while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State according to federal court documents obtained by Fox News. In a sworn declaration to the District Court of Arizona May 5th 2015, a career CIA officer David Manners said, “It was then, and remains now, my… [Read More]

The Supreme Court Is Not Supreme

Arthur Schaper,  On Friday, the Supreme Court of the United States declared: “I now pronounce same-sex couples free to marry.” In another tortured five-four ruling, authored by Justice Anthony Kennedy (a wavering California Republican who has deliberately placed himself as a swing justice), the court invalidated same-sex marriage bans nationwide, arguing that the Fourteenth Amendment… [Read More]

U.S. intelligence chief: China top suspect in government agency hacks

U.S. intelligence chief James Clapper said on Thursday that China was the top suspect in the massive hacking of a U.S. government agency that compromised the personnel records of millions of Americans. The comments from Clapper, the director of National Intelligence (DNI), were first reported in The Wall Street Journal and marked the first time… [Read More]

Russia ‘playing with fire’ with nuclear saber-rattling: Pentagon

Russia is “playing with fire” with its nuclear saber-rattling and the United States is determined to prevent it from gaining a significant military advantage through violations of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty, the deputy U.S. defense chief said on Thursday. Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work, speaking to lawmakers in the House of Representatives, also said… [Read More]

Boston bomber apologizes, admits guilt for deadly 2013 attack

Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on Wednesday apologized for the deadly 2013 attack at a hearing before a U.S. judge formally sentenced him to death for killing four people and injuring 264 in the bombing and its aftermath. The 21-year-old ethnic Chechen, who had not testified during his trial, referred to Allah and admitted that… [Read More]