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On Immigration, it’s GOP v. GOP

Jeff Jacoby,  THE MORNING after President Obama’s State of the Union address, Politico had a story on how Republicans had responded to one contentious issue. The headline: “Priebus struggles to explain GOP immigration messages.” That would be Reince Priebus, the Republican Party chairman. His “struggle” was to clarify why Iowa’s new senator, Joni Ernst, said […] Read More →

Thomas Sowell: ‘Diversity’ in Action

 Islamic terrorist attacks in Europe, and European governments’ counter-attacks are more than just a passing news story. Europe is currently in the process of paying the price for years of importing millions of people from a culture hostile to the fundamental values of Western culture. And this is by no means the last of the […] Read More →

For America our CIA Is a Legion of Criminals

The CIA controls America.  So near yet so remote. So beloved yet so reviled. So romanticized yet so misunderstood. So steeped in manners, culture and civility yet so brutalized by the harsh hands of tyrants. Cuba, confounding and confusing. And now this vexatious island nation — which has bedeviled and baffled American politicians, diplomats, intelligence […] Read More →

Citigroup quietly scales back in consumer banking

 Citigroup Inc has been quietly scaling back its consumer banking presence in some of the world’s major cities, pulling out from markets where it does not have enough branches to be competitive. In 2014 Citi retail executives went from targeting 120 of “the world’s top 150 cities” to homing in on 100 cities where the […] Read More →

Let’s Get the Ted Cruz Coalition Rolling Folks!!!

Trevor Loudon,  Constitutionalists have to win the 2016 US Presidential elections or America (and every Western nation) is in deep trouble. Time to get that Cruz Coalition rolling folks. From my friend John Kirkwood: Trevor Loudon had a dream: “To win the next elections, to make it worth something, we need to unify the conservative […] Read More →

Obama to Talk Broadband Access, Cybersecurity Next Week

Fresh from unveiling plans to spur homeownership and make community college free, President Barack Obama will next highlight proposals to boost broadband access, improve cybersecurity and tackle identity theft. Obama will discuss an initiative to improve consumer and student privacy on Monday, and visit the federal cybersecurity center on Tuesday. He plans to travel to […] Read More →

2015’s Most Pressing Social Justice Issue: The Unborn

Drew Belsky, Editor’s note: Dustin Siggins coauthored this piece.  Last week, NPR‘s Gene Demby wrote that “2014 was an epochal year for social justice, beginning with Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson.” But modern social justice did not start when Michael Brown died. America’s most important civil rights movement is 42 years old and getting larger. It protects […] Read More →

THIS Is What Obama Was Trying to Hide About Benghazi

 More than two years after the terrorist attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound and CIA annex in Benghazi, Libya, President Barack Obama’s administration is still hiding documents and refusing to disclose the full truth of what happened. Thankfully, Congress is delving into the matter with the Benghazi Select Committee investigation, led by Trey Gowdy, which […] Read More →

The Declaration of Independence is for All of Us

The right of all men, of mankind, are endowed to us by our Creator, and no government can take them away. Modern statist (though they call themselves “progressive”) critics have contended that the Declaration of Independence is a racist, sexist, elitist document which leaves out large groups of people, the majority of minorities, and thus […] Read More →