Republicans’ support for Donald Trump is sky-high

He’s fallen out with judges, journalists, and intelligence agents, and his approval rate is a measly 41% among all adults in the US.

But there’s one group of people with whom President Donald Trump is still hugely popular.

After his first weeks in office, his approval rate among Republicans of 86% is second only to that of George W Bush among all of the party’s presidents elected in the last 65 years.

So what are the things that they like so much?

Despite being a Republican, property developer John Delia says he was “too embarrassed” to vote for Mr. Trump in November’s election because of the controversy about his candidacy.

But he says he was “relieved” to see the New York billionaire win the race – and what has happened since has pleased him even more.

Mr. Trump’s platform of new jobs, American business, and economic renewal has sent the US stock market to record highs. It is investors like Mr. Delia who are feeling richer as a result.

“I invest in the stock market and I have succeeded in the short term,” says the 26-year-old, based in Columbus, Ohio.

“Investors are definitely feeling more confident. They think Donald Trump is going to bring more jobs and infrastructure, and help us move forward.”

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From a business perspective, he says he is not fazed about allegations of improper ties to Russia, legal challenges to Mr. Trump’s travel ban, or complaints about racist rhetoric from the administration.

“Yes, he’s a bigot but at least you are aware,” says Mr. Delia of the US president. “He speaks honestly.

“No matter what happens, most investors just want to make money. We are not going to pay attention to the drama. We’re just trying to stay ahead of the curve.”

And it is especially Mr. Trump’s promise to “clean up” America’s inner cities that make Mr. Delia, who started his own property portfolio at 20, feel positive about the future. He hopes investment will pour into his own urban development projects.

“I think I’m going to make a lot of money,” he says.