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Western Elites Take The Knee -The sordid history of modern anti-patriotism

Bruce Thornton, From: Defining Ideas.  President Trump once again has enraged the left by suggesting, with colorful language no less, that NFL players who kneel during the national anthem should be fired by their teams. Progressives criticized Trump’s lack of presidential decorum, racial insensitivity, and disrespect of the players’ First Amendment rights—and the head of the NFL

Spring Training

Rich Galen, Let’s take a day off from mulling about President Donald Trump, his appointees, the Congress, and their Tweets, statements, interviews, and general demeanor. To accomplish that, I am in West Palm Beach Florida. More specifically I am in the press box at The Ballpark of the Palm Beaches in West Palm Beach, Florida

Super Bowl 2017: Are you willing to pay $22 to play host?

Megan Sheehan, The NFL is popularly viewed as a sport league, with the Super Bowl the culmination of a year’s efforts and successes. In terms of viewer interest, its rivals are events like the Oscars, the opening ceremony of the Olympics, the World Cup final or even the presidential election results.  But first and foremost

Tom Brady and the secret hiding in plain sight at Super Bowl 2017

Dr. Marc Siegel, Football, supposedly the ultimate physical game, is in fact almost entirely mental. This is why New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, who is injured and can’t play in Super Bowl LI on Sunday, can still inspire his team by dressing as a caveman and performing the first ever “prehistoric” high-five and

Since When Did Sports Become Harsh, Crude and Classless?

Armstrong Williams, Some commentators’ reactions to the recent tragic death of my good friend David Modell, former owner of the Baltimore Ravens, revealed a deeply hurtful strain in today’s professional sports. Football fans are understandably proud of their teams, and in some sense as competitive as the athletes they come to see play every weekend.