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Trump says new FBI director ‘possible’ by Friday, candidates ‘vetted over their lifetime’

President Trump said Saturday that he could name a new FBI director by next week, as four or more candidates are being interviewed at Justice Department headquarters in Washington, D.C. “I think the process is going to move quickly,” Trump said while aboard Air Force One to give a college commencement speech. “Almost all of

US probes plane that got too close to Air Force One

Authorities are investigating an incident over Florida where a private plane got within two nautical miles of Air Force One, which is closer than permitted, Bloomberg reported. The incident occurred on Feb. 3, and sources  told the news agency  that  there was no risk of collision. The planes were flying on a parallel route. President

Trump to meet with Boeing CEO again to talk Air Force One

President-elect Donald Trump is expected to meet with the head of Boeing Tuesday to discuss the contract to update the next Air Force One, The Seattle Times reported, citing a person familiar with the plans. Last month, Boeing’s Dennis Muilenburg met with Trump and told him that his company can build a new Air Force

8 Ways Trump’s Already Made America Great Again

Liz Crokin, After President-elect Donald Trump’s historic election victory, he’s bypassed popping champagne bottles to celebrate and gone straight to work. Although he doesn’t officially become President until he’s sworn in on his Jan. 20 Inauguration Day, here’s eight ways Trump has already made America greater. Jobs: Last June President Barack Obama told a Carrier employee at a town hall

Trump poised for cost-cutting battle with defense contractors

President-elect Donald Trump’s preemptive strike on the price tag of two major projects with leading defense contractors has fiscal hawks hopeful the incoming administration can rein in Pentagon contract costs even as Trump vows to invest in rebuilding the U.S. military. “I hope this will be an opportunity to look at the Pentagon more clearly

Boeing CEO vows to build new Air Force One for less after Trump complaints

The CEO of Boeing told President-elect Donald Trump Wednesday that his company can build a new Air Force One for less than originally quoted — after Trump complained about the cost. Earlier this month, Trump made headlines for blasting the company on Twitter for alleged cost overruns with the new fleet of Air Force One

The $4 Billion Air Force One is Nothing But a Clean-Energy Ruse

Bryan Crabtree, With a single Tweet, Donald Trump brought attention to the Pentagon’s ‘$2000 toilet’ in the sky. This time the price tag to the Pentagon appears to be north of $4 billion for a Boeing contract to build two new 747-800 airplanes for future presidents. This project is nothing more than a disguise by

F-35 program ‘cost is out of control,’ Trump says

The most expensive weapons program in American military history just got its most powerful critic: President-elect Donald Trump. The incoming commander-in-chief took aim Monday at the costly F-35 fighter jet program on Twitter, after earlier calling out the program during a Fox News interview. “The F-35 program and cost is out of control,” Trump tweeted.

Trump rips Boeing for cost overruns on new Air Force One, says ‘cancel order’

President-elect Donald Trump blasted Boeing on Tuesday for alleged cost overruns and called for the government to cancel the contract, as the company works to build a new fleet of Air Force One that would replace the current aging Reagan-era planes. “Boeing is building a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but

Sept. 11 drama on Air Force One unfolds in Bush aide’s handwritten notes

The notes are handwritten on a legal pad and provide a verbatim account of the shock, pain and grim determination aboard Air Force One on Sept. 11, 2001. They were scribbled by Ari Fleischer, press secretary for President George W. Bush, and he is releasing them to mark the 15th anniversary on Sunday of the

FACT CHECK: Air Force One, Who Pays?

Air Force One: Who pays? That’s the question a lot of people were asking after Hillary Clinton hitched a ride to Charlotte, N.C., this week with President Obama for their first joint campaign appearance. While it’s unusual for an incumbent president to campaign actively for his would-be successor, the question itself is not new. It’s