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Dirty 2 Time Loser: Hillary May Get Own Talk Show #LockHerUp

It’s been a lonely few months for Hillary Clinton.   First, she disappeared into the woods to wander in her loneliness, naval gazing about her stunning loss (at least stunning to the mainstream media). No word on whether, like Vice President Al Gore after his loss, she’s grown a beard.   Hillary and her cronies

Pot-Kettle Media Call Trump Insecure

David Limbaugh, The Associated Press reports that President Donald Trump is “dogged by insecurity over his loss of the popular vote” and over “media coverage,” but I have a different idea about whose insecurity is on display. The entire liberal establishment and rank-and-file leftists remain in denial over Trump’s victory. They convinced themselves from the

Everyone should be treated with respect — unless you’re a Republican

Karol Markowicz, ’Tis the season to spread joy and cheer — unless you’re a liberal still bitter about the election. Thursday, Ivanka Trump and her family were accosted by Dan Goldstein, a lawyer from Brooklyn, who yelled at her that her father, who has yet to take office, was “ruining the country.” It wasn’t a

Walter E. Williams: Majority Rule Equals Tyranny

It is alleged that Hillary Clinton won a popular vote majority. Therefore, if the nation were not burdened with the antiquated Electoral College, anguished and freaked-out Americans whine, she, instead of Donald Trump, would be the next president of the United States. You say, “Hold it. Before you go further, Williams, what do you mean

Ditching Electoral College Would Allow California to Impose Imperial Rule on a Colonial America

Michael Barone, They’re still counting the votes, going on four weeks after the election, in California. In Brazil, a nation with much more challenging geography, they manage to do it in five hours. The seemingly endless dillydallying of California’s (presumably union-represented) public employees has obscured two interesting things about this year’s presidential election. The first

Donald and Ivanka Trump met with former Vice President Gore in New York

President-elect Donald Trump and his daughter, Ivanka Trump, met with Al Gore on Monday to discuss climate change in what the Democrat described as a “very productive session.” The former vice president met with the 35-year-old businesswoman and socialite at Trump Tower in New York, before he spent some time with Trump himself. It’s unclear

Americans’ Support for Electoral College Rises Sharply

Art Swift, Gallup WASHINGTON, D.C. Americans’ support for keeping the Electoral College system for electing presidents has increased sharply. Weeks after the 2016 election, 47% of Americans say they want to keep the Electoral College, while 49% say they want to amend the Constitution to allow for a popular vote for president. In the past, a

The All-Trump Election

Debra J. Saunders, Let me tell you about my life since Donald Trump won the Republican primary. I voted against Trump in June because of his history as an unreliable conservative and longtime supporter of big government. I voted for Libertarian Gary Johnson in the general election. Yet I have had this dark presence that

When it comes to talk of a ‘rigged’ election the progressive left is already there

John Sexton, The issue that progressives suddenly seem very concerned about, i.e. that Donald Trump will corrode America’s faith in our electoral system, is a case of rushing to close the barn door after the horse has already gotten out. Whatever damage Trump has done in the past couple months can’t compare to what progressives themselves

Newt Gingrich: Gore, Trump and liberal hypocrisy

The media is beside itself that Wednesday night, in the final presidential debate, Donald Trump said he would wait until the election actually occurs to judge whether or not it was carried out fairly. Apparently, some people think that when a Republican says he will watch closely to make there’s no corruption of the vote,

What about Obama’s executive tyranny and Hillary’s promises to swell the Federal Leviathan?

Bruce Thornton, Trump Threatens Democracy! As expected, Trump’s refusal to make a pledge accepting the outcome of the election stirred up the usual hysteria on the left and the right. According to the New York Times, Trump’s response was “a remarkable statement that seemed to cast doubt on American democracy.” The other P.R. firm for

Hillary Trots Out Al Gore to Highlight Tone Deafness

Edmund Kozak, Despite voters’ focus on the economy, former VP calls climate change the ‘most urgent issue facing our country’ In the heat of an election where voters are deeply concerned about stagnant wages, a increasingly dangerous world and a sputtering economy, Hillary Clinton dragged B-list political celebrity and failed presidential candidate Al Gore out on the