Are your kids always borrowing your beloved (and expensive) tablet? Get them their own device.

Though kids these days might not have any clue how to work an Apple II or a typewriter, they know tablets. Remember that baby who tried to swipe through a physical magazine and was confused when it didn’t perform like her iPad?

Last year, market research firm Smarty Pants published a list of kids’ top 50 brands, and Apple’s tablet trumped even the most iconic kid-based brands, including Nickelodeon, Crayola, and Eggo. “In just five years, the iPad has risen from ranking 109th to being kids’ favorite brand,” Wynne Tyree, president of Smarty Pants, said in a statement. “Early on, it captured the hearts of tweens and middle- and upper-class families, but [the] iPad is now an indispensable part of childhood for the masses.”

But the iPad is not the only tablet on the market that will appeal to your tech-savvy toddler, tween, or teen. There are a number of Android-based slates that won’t break the bank, Amazon has a kid-focused Kindle Fire, and toy manufacturers are turning their attention toward rugged tablets that can withstand a few drops, crashes, or throws.

If the child in your life has been begging for a tablet, or keeps stealing yours, check out our list of the top tablets you should consider.

Geeky Tech Gifts for Your Favorite Nerd

Geek is no longer considered an insult. The term is used somewhat elastically (film geeks, music geeks, and science geeks), but largely refers to someone dedicated to the minutia of escapist pop culture and/or very savvy in the ways of tech.

You know who we’re talking about.

Given that you are perusing there is probably someone on your list who could be described as a “geek.” This person probably wears the once-disparaging term as a badge of honor and knows more about breakfast cereal mascots and rooting an Android device than you could ever hope to learn. Sure, you may be able to name a tertiary Star Wars character or two, and you may even have splurged on an unnecessarily connected item in the past, but these geeky members of your social circle have transformed these pastimes into true lifelong pursuits.

So, how can you possibly expect to get them a satisfying gift? That can be a tough one. That’s why we’ve created this list of geektacular gifts that will make even the most hardcore aficionado’s heart swoon like an exogorth in search of a tasty snack! If that last reference doesn’t ring any bells, it certainly will for the geek in your life—and that’s why we’ve made this list. Be Frugal, and Happy shopping!

Chances are, you can’t afford this stuff. But it’s fun to daydream and spend imaginary millions.

Holiday e-commerce sales broke records last year at $53.3 billion, which is more than double what it was a decade ago, and an almost $7 billion increase over 2013, according to Statista. With the exception of a dip in 2008, spending online for gifts at the end of the year has done nothing but increase. And this year will undoubtedly be no different.

Where are all those billions going? Much of it goes toward expensive technology—the kind of digital toys that are as much status symbol as they are useful gadgetry. But it’s not all about getting the latest and greatest products—it’s about how it makes you feel, or how others feel about you.

That’s certainly the case with the products on this list: the highest cost products worth coveting in the tech world. Anyone who can afford even one product on this list probably has a bank account that could weather them all. This is the master list of what you see in the background of that scene in the movie when the normal everyday person visits their mondo-rich extravagant spendthrift of a “friend.” These items are all real, potentially fun, and certain to induce sticker shock. Check Out These Deals!