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The Right Throws Milo to the Wolves

David Horowitz, Why the Left dominates the national culture. The hateful Left whose most effective weapon is character assassination has created a gotcha culture for conservatives, and conservatives can be counted on to fold every time. Barney Frank had a prostitution ring operating out of his house and masturbated into the president’s locker in the

The Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America’s Ominous Post-Election Statement

Philip Haney, A “roadmap” to corroding our constitutionally protected values. Introduction The purpose of this article is to decipher the ominous, but heavily camouflaged language embedded within the English text of a recent scholarly document, published on the website of the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA), which is entitled Post-Election Statement: Principles and Roadmap(aka the Roadmap).

Do the math: Education is the most effective jobs program. Let’s invest in it

Harold O. Levy, Democrats and Republicans agree that creating good jobs for American workers must be a priority for the Trump administration and Congress. But a report issued at the end of December by the White House warns that millions of American jobs could be wiped out by automation in the next 20 years as

Fire Marshal Benevolent Association Endorses Donald J. Trump For President

Today Donald J. Trump proudly received the endorsement from the Fire Marshals Benevolent Association. Established in 1966, the Fire Marshal Benevolent Association is compromised of over 500 active and retired firefighters and law enforcement officers. This organization is a recognized fraternal association of the New York City Fire Department. The organization’s mission is to bring


FLORIDA – Ivanka & Tiffany Trump wrapped up a busy day talking about their father’s clear vision for American families, having made stops in Jupiter, Riviera Beach, and Surfside, Florida. “It was wonderful to be able to visit Inlet Grove Community High School with my sister Tiffany today. Great potential exists for every child to

Anatomy of a Lynching: The Political Uses of Race

David Horowitz, According to President Obama racism “part of the DNA,” of America, transmitted through the generations from its origins right to the present.  This statement is perhaps the most malicious libel ever uttered by an American president against his own country. It is true that racism became one of the rationales for slavery, an

On Immigration, Jobs, School Choice, #Trump Is Who Black Voters Have Been Waiting For

Jerome Hudson, Evangelical Bishop Aubrey Shines, an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump, says the Republican presidential nominee is ready to lead black and Latino voters away from the Democratic party of slavery, welfare, and abortion. “Don’t just look for 10 percent of black Americans to vote for Donald Trump,” Shines told Breitbart News in a recent interview.

Labor to Young Americans: Work Less, Achieve Less

Terry Jeffrey, A 25-year-old woman three years out of college earns a modest, but livable, salary in a professional position where she oversees the work of several other young people. She works eight-to-ten hours every weekday — then goes home and takes a three-mile walk. When she is walking, she sometimes thinks about her job

My father’s tragic death and Hillary Clinton’s plan to tax the 1 percent

Rep. Kristi Noem,  You don’t forget moments like this – the ones that come so unexpectedly, shoving a pit into your stomach.  I was 21-years-old and nearing the due date for my husband Bryon and my first baby. That’s when the phone call came: “Kristi, your dad is stuck in a grain bin.”  I knew