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The Dow has rallied nearly 1,700 points since Election Day, Today it Hit 20K

The wait for Dow 20000 is over. The blue-chip average sailed past what had been an elusive milestone Wednesday after President Donald Trump demonstrated in recent days he is serious about fulfilling campaign promises. The Dow’s march toward the psychologically-significant level captivated Wall Street ever since Trump’s surprise election in November, and it finally broke

Mr. Trump, it’s time to make Washington part of America again

Jonathan Bronitsky, For perhaps the first time ever, it’s not necessarily “cool” in DC to have grown up in a big city and attended an elite college or university. This is one of the more important, yet subtle, developments for our republic resulting from Trump’s victory. And it’s a positive one that should be capitalized

Trump eschews Ivy Leagues in favor of business acumen for cabinet

Harvard crimson may be a prominent color in the offices of the Obama administration, but that looks to change as President-elect Trump transitions to the White House. Unlike Obama – who mined the faculties of Harvard and other Ivy League schools to fill his cabinet and top level administrative posts – Trump has so far

3 More Companies Issuing Major Layoffs

Gov’t Slaves (Wayne Duggan)  With the addition of 200,000 private sector jobs in March, the U.S. job market is at its strongest point since the financial crisis. However, companies like Schlumberger (SLB), HP Inc (HPQ) and Boeing (BA) are still drastically cutting their workforces.   Schlumberger (SLB) The U.S. oil industry has slammed to a screeching halt

Flight 370’s Loss Changes Minds About Real-Time Tracking

 Clinging to wreckage in the Indian Ocean, Bahia Bakari could hear the cries of other plane-crash survivors in the darkened waters around her. As the night wore on and no rescuers arrived, the voices gradually silenced until there were none, she said afterward, according to France’s Bureau of Investigations and Analysis. It wasn’t until hours

Global Economic Growth at Risk as Ukraine Adds to Known Unknowns

Known unknowns are multiplying in a new threat to global economic expansion. While economists Mohamed El-Erian of Allianz SE, Allen Sinai of Decision Economics Inc. and Morgan Stanley’s Joachim Fels see growth speeding up this year, mounting geopolitical strains in Ukraine and elsewhere are prompting them to turn more guarded about the outlook. “There is

Malaysia Says Flight 370 Ended in Ocean as Hunt Suspended

 Malaysia concluded that Flight 370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean with no hope of survivors, ruling out theories of a detour over Asia or an island landing, as the search for wreckage was suspended today on foul weather. Conditions permitting, patrols will resume tomorrow for debris from the Boeing Co. (BA) 777-200ER, the Australian