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Goodbye to One Selfie President, Hello to Another?

Mona Charen, On Feb. 12, 2015, President Obama made a selfie-stick video for BuzzFeed. You may remember it — or perhaps not — because if there’s one thing Barack Obama delivered during his eight years in office, it was plenty of celebration of himself. The country was treated to Obama slow-jamming the news with Jimmy

Possible Obama Pardon of Edward Snowden, Bowe Bergdahl and Chelsea Manning

Warner Todd Huston, Breitbart Barack Obama has been very busy pardoning a growing list of drug dealers, domestic terrorists, killers, and other criminals as his last days in office wind down, but so far he has pardoned neither Edward Snowden, Bowe Bergdahl nor Chelsea Manning – and speculation is now focused on these names as

Will Clinton continue the Benghazi lie through the presidential campaign?

Ari Lieberman, Benghazi Report Confirms Hillary’s Fraud Against the American People. Hillary Clinton’s brief and lackluster tenure as secretary of state can best be summed up as scandal-ridden. But of all the scandals swirling around the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, none resonates more than the Benghazi fiasco, which resulted in the needless deaths of four

Obama Administration Has History of Scrubbing Allah from Transcripts

Aaron Klein, Breitbart TEL AVIV – Monday’s release of the text of Orlando terrorist shooter Omar Mateen’s 9-1-1 call is not the first time the Obama administration purportedly scrubbed “Allah” from a transcript. To this day, the official White House transcript of a Rose Garden ceremony with the father of released soldier Bowe Bergdahl transcribes

Bowe Bergdahls’ Former Platoon-Mates Endorse TRUMP Then Drop a Bomb on Hillary (VIDEO)

Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit  Deserter Bowe Bergdahl’s platoon leader, former Sgt. Evan Buetow, and roommate, Cody Full, went on Hannity Monday to endorse Donald Trump for president. Both men said everyone knew Bergdahl was a deserter from the beginning. Evan Buetow told Sean two soldiers from his company died searching for Bowe Bergdahl when

The Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama

Kevin McCullough  When the President was first elected, I pledged to wait from the day of his election–to his then swearing in–to begin critique of his public policy. I promised to do so because in the day of the first “post racial” President I felt it was a necessary discipline to criticize him on policy,

Obama Pentagon Bungling Shipments for Our Troops

Ken Blackwell  Once again, Barack Obama is showing his lack of serious concern for the military. Instead of court martialing Bowe Bergdahl, who presumably went AWOL in Afghanistan, Obama traded five high-level Taliban terrorists from Guantanamo Bay, for his release. The President used military pay and pensions as a political football during recent budget debates.

Are the Two Political Parties About to Crack Up?

Michael Barone America’s two political parties seem to be coming apart.  That’s in contrast to the relatively stable competition of the last 20 years, when Democrats have won four of six presidential elections and Republicans won House majorities in eight of 10 congressional contests, always by less than landslide margins. The parties’ stands on issues