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College student who filmed professor’s anti-Trump rant fights suspension

Alyssa Madruga, A California college student who was suspended for recording a professor during class ranting about President Trump’s election victory and how it amounted to an “act of terrorism” filed an appeal Wednesday to fight the suspension. Caleb O’Neil, a student at Orange Coast College, was suspended for a full semester and the summer

University Gives Kids Juice Boxes, Legos to Deal with Trump Inauguration

Most millennial snowflakes have already evacuated the nation’s capital well in advance of President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration. But for those young people were were unable to escape reality, hope is not lost. GUPride, an LGBTQ student organization at Georgetown University, is setting up a safe space to help young people deal with the aftermath of

Conservative students ARRESTED for handing out Constitutions #MAGA

Campus Reform, “I’m digging myself into a hole here!” Kellogg Community College is being sued after campus police arrested three conservative activists and college students while they were handing out pocket Constitutions and signing students up for a conservative student organization. As detailed in video footage obtained exclusively by Campus Reform, a KCC student and two fellow conservative activists spent

‘Toxic masculinity’? Dude, now America’s universities are turning men into women

Todd Starnes, Universities across the fruited plain are trying to convince men to grow lady parts. And that’s a problem, America. Campus Reform recently reported on efforts to provide “safe spaces” to fight back against what the academic world calls, “toxic masculinity.”  Instead of a country full of manly men, our universities want a nation

Female Trump Supporter Wearing #MAGA Hat Drove Social Justice Warrior Insane

Matt Vespa,  Make America Great Again (MAGA) hats just set liberals off. I mean, it’s just absurd. On Monday, a social justice warrior reportedly had to be held back by peers to avoid getting into a physical altercation with a female Trump supporter at Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota. Caleb Ecarma and Kassy Dillon of Campus Reform had more:

California university seeks to ˜deconstruct’ masculinity

Campus Reform – by Will Rierson To increase male student retention and combat sexual violence, one California university is offering a “safe space” for male-identifying students to discover their authentic masculinity. “Dudes Understanding Diversity and Ending Stereotypes (DUDES) is a traveling Men’s Center, housed in the Campus Diversity and Inclusion Center for students who identify

Microaggression madness: Footwear flattery and Santa cause coed kerfuffle

Todd Starnes,  The University of North Carolina has been infected with a micro-aggression pandemic. We are being led to believe the entire campus has been afflicted with this highly-communicable, politically correct malady. University officials recently released online guidelines to employees on issues ranging from gender-neutral dress codes to casual conversations about ladies shoes – in

Precious Snowflakes Wanted To Oust Student Senator Because She Supports Donald Trump

Matt Vespa,  The cupcake legions at the University of Tennessee of Chattanooga (UTC) are mobilizing against Hailey Puckett. She’s pure evil because she supports Donald Trump, and other members of the student council cannot stand it. Last week, Puckett, a student senator, was weathering calls for her resignation due to her political beliefs (via Campus

Tennessee lawmakers fume over state university’s ‘Sex Week’

Todd Starnes, Youngsters at the Volunteer State’s flagship university are about to engage in all sorts of debauchery ranging from lessons on male sexual fluidity to a lecture on “butt stuff” from an amateur porn star. Sex Week at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville kicks off April 4 – five days of depravity that makes Mardi

Trump Chalkings Arrive At University of Kansas; Delicate Snowflakes Complain

Matt Vespa,  Well, what happened at Emory University seems to have been exported to the University of Kansas; the horrible Trump chalkings have triggered students, with some demanding that the administration do something about it. According to Campus Reform, some students compared writing pro-Trump slogans in chalk to the Confederate flag. Hurry precious snowflakes! To the safe