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In Kentucky: A plaque affixed to the Jefferson Davis statue will be removed

A plaque proclaiming Jefferson Davis as a hero and a patriot will be removed from Kentucky’s Capitol, the latest effort to alter Confederate monuments across the country following outbreaks of racially motivated violence. The Historic Properties Advisory Commission voted to remove the plaque, which is attached to a 15-foot-tall marble statue of Davis in the

Winning the Civil War of Two Americas

Daniel Greenfield, America vs. Anti-America. When John Edwards touted the “Two Americas” during his presidential campaigns before his political career ended in disgrace, it was still a metaphor. It stopped being a metaphor at the end of last year. If you doubt that, you can watch Tom Perez, the head of the Democratic National Committee,

Presidents Trump and Lincoln and Managing the Bureaucracies

Newt Gingrich and Allen Guelzo, President Trump will soon discover that federal bureaucrats are far more hostile, destructive, and obstructionist than federal judges. Ninety-five percent of federal bureaucrats’ donations were for Clinton (99 percent at the State Department, 97 percent at the Department of Justice), so it is clear there will be continuing resistance to

9 Things You Need To Know About Frederick Douglass

Aaron Bandler, Frederick Douglass became a topic of discussion when President Donald Trump praised the historical figure in a speech hailing African-American History Month. “Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more, I notice,” Trump said. Trump’s use of the present tense to describe

Secession or Civil War? Considering Options with the Left in a Post-Trump World

Jack Kerwick, What’s come to be called “Calexit,” the movement among some Californians to secede from the United States, is gaining momentum. Let’s hope that it is ultimately successful.  First of all, despite the postbellum, i.e. Lincolnian, conventional wisdom that states are not morally and legally entitled to secede from the Union, the historical truth

The inauguration is why I love America

Jane Hampton Cook, The inauguration is why I love America. Of all the presidential events, from election night to the State of the Union, from press conferences to state dinners, the inauguration is my favorite for one simple reason. More than any other moment, the inauguration is a picture of our Constitution, proof that we

Obama names 3 national monuments honoring civil rights

The Obama administration designated three new national monuments Thursday honoring civil rights history as it commemorates next week’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The monuments are the Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument in Alabama, the Freedom Riders National Monument in Anniston, Alabama, and the Reconstruction Era National Monument in South Carolina. “President Obama is taking

The California Democratic Party: The Ghost of Confederates Past

Arthur Schaper, Republican Donald Trump is our new President. Barring any shenanigans from the Electoral College, 306 electors will have cast their ballots for a pro-American, pro-business, anti-globalist conservative dedicated to protecting our freedoms. Not everyone in the Union is happy. Democratic strongholds have vowed to resist the Trump Administration at every turn. California and

The 11 Worst Fact-Checks By Facebook’s New Fact-Checkers

Aaron Bandler, Daily Wire Facebook has decided to clamp down on the supposed epidemic of fake news by appointing an assortment of “fact-checkers” to vet their news feed. The problem is that these fact-checkers — PolitiFact,, Snopes, Associated Press and ABC News — are all slanted to the left and have a bad habit of

California Should Try to Secede

Erick Erickson, Left-wing activists in California want Californians to secede from the Union. They point to Scotland, Brexit, Catalonia and other modern secession movements as proof that the Civil War precedent is no longer binding. That precedent, like a roach motel, is that once a state is in the union it can never leave. California