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The Legal System: The Left’s Ace in the Hole to Trump the Trump Card

Rachel Alexander, The left has figured out when all else fails, use the legal system to oust conservative political leaders. There are several major areas in society the left has significant control over. They are the educational system, government bureaucracy, the legal system and the media. They use the educational system to teach children left-wing

Portland and Berkeley: Sanctuary Cities for Leftist Violence

Daniel Greenfield, And safe spaces for no free speech. Keep Portland Weird.  After Trump won, thousands of leftist thugs rampaged through Portland smashing windows and starting fires. They threw fireworks and bottles at police. And they caused a million dollars in damage. A Homeland Security report described the leftist thuggery as domestic terrorist violence. Who

Burglars: It is getting harder to tell the Private Thieves from the Government Thieves

Paul Jacob, The legitimate purpose of government? It is to protect citizens from force and fraud, to defend individuals against violent and criminal attacks on their persons and property, and, beyond that, to leave them at liberty to pursue their own happiness. Tyranny, conversely, is what we call governments that engage in force and fraud,