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Minimum-Wage Laws: Good Intentions, Bad Results

Jeff Jacoby, ON “CARPE DIEM,” his lively economics blog, University of Michigan professor Mark J. Perry likes to use Venn diagrams to needle those who “do not have a strong need for intellectual consistency.” On topics ranging from drug prices to campus diversity to imports from China, he shows how common it is for people

Where Do Criminals Get Their Guns?

Bruce Bialosky, The anti-gun people want to limit law-abiding citizens from getting guns and now ammunition.  The pro-gun people repeat over and over again “If you out law guns, only outlaws will have guns.”  They evidence that by activities that occur in European countries or that mass shootings typically occur in gun-restricted areas in the

Gay pride parades across US draw large crowds

 Gay pride parades held around the nation Sunday drew huge crowds of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and their supporters who celebrated after a year of numerous same-sex marriage victories. As many as 1 million people packed the streets of the Chicago’s North Side for the first gay pride parade since Illinois legalized gay

Hosed at the Pump: Where are the Highest Gas Taxes in The Nation?

Mike Shedlock The Tax Foundation posted the following map of gasoline taxes. The Tax Foundation says “Gas taxes are generally used to fund transportation infrastructure maintenance and new projects. While gas taxes are not a perfect user fee like tolls, they are generally more favorable than other taxes because they at least loosely connect the