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Former Obama Aide Can’t Wait to See Pence, McConnell, Ryan Obits

Jim Stinson, Ben Rhodes, an architect of the disastrous Iran deal, tweeted a very ill-advised comment about Republican leaders’ deaths. A former aide to President Barack Obama said he hoped to see a particular picture next to the obituaries for Vice President Mike Pence, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch

Hannity Tweetstorm Grills Obama & Underlings on FISA Trump Attack

Lee Stranahan, FOX News host Sean Hannity went on the warpath against President Obama and Obama administration officials Valerie Jarrett, Ben Rhodes, and former senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer on Saturday. Hannity grillied the three on the shocking revelations recently outlined by radio host Mark Levin and expanded on by Breitbart News that show that starting in

Who Will Be In The New Trump Administration? All The Names We Know So Far

James Barrett, Trump Tower has seen some familiar political figures, media members and pundits moving in and out at a dizzying pace, but who will be offered an official role in the new Trump administration? Despite early reports of “turmoil” within Team Trump, the president-elect is actually ahead of schedule in making appointments. Below is a list

The Clinton Campaign Has No Idea How To Attack Donald Trump, As the Clinton campaign turns its attention to Donald Trump (or tries to at least), it is encountering one of the many things that makes running against ‘The Teflon Don’ difficult: With everything he has said and done, how is it possible to focus on only a few key things to attack him on.

WH ˜picking up the pace’ on executive actions

 The White House will be “picking up the pace on executive actions,” as Congress focuses its efforts on the newly formed select committee investigating Benghazi, senior Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer declared Tuesday. In an op-ed for The Huffington Post, Pfeiffer argued that congressional Republicans are not interested in engaging on the economy, instead spending time “obsessively

Obama Asked Treasury Secretary to Lie About the Economy [VIDEO]

Ben Marquis,   President Obama has filled his administration with paid liars and fiscal deniers, and they are destroying our economy, which in turn is threatening our national security. They have lied about everything related to our economy, like Social Security, the impact of Obamacare, and the real unemployment numbers. They have lied so much that they

Obama to mark U.S. civil rights law that paved way for his presidency

 President Barack Obama this week celebrates the civil rights advances of 50 years ago which laid the groundwork for him to become the first black president, but his own record in making life better for the African-American community that catalyzed his election is mixed. Obama will join former presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and George

Full Coverage of Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Jet Probably Crashed in Ocean as U.S. Help Resisted: Lawmakers A missing passenger jet œmost likely went down in the Indian Ocean, and authorities in Malaysia should stop resisting international help in finding out what happened on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, U.S. lawmakers said today. œA lot of folks that I talk to believe that’s