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Here’s a List of Everyone & Everything Hillary Has Blamed for Her Loss

Hillary Clinton has put forth a formidable list of culprits for why she lost the 2016 presidential election. The Fox News Research team totaled up the excuses and found a whopping 24 items! At an appearance yesterday, Clinton continued to blame Russian interference and fake news and dismissed the email investigation as a factor.  The

Muddy Maxine Waters: What a Riot

Michelle Malkin, Are you freaking kidding me? Thirteen-term Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Beltway barnacle permanently affixed to USS Government, is now the fresh-faced “rock star” of the Democratic Party. “Auntie Maxine” is stoking the resistance, inspiring millenials, combating hate, crusading against corruption and invoking the counterinsurgent cry to “stay woke!” I do not have enough

DNC Chief Works Blue: Republicans ‘Don’t Give A Sh*t!’

Joseph Curl, Democrats are angry. They put all their stock into a terrible candidate in 2016 and got crushed. The party suffered massive losses at every level during Barack Obama’s time in the White House, losing 1,042 state and federal Democratic posts, including congressional and state legislative seats, governorships – and the presidency.  So it makes sense

Briefs: Senate Democratic leader urges removal of House intel panel chair

The U.S. Senate Democratic leader, Chuck Schumer, called on Monday for the removal of Republican Representative Devin Nunes as chairman of the House of Representatives’ Intelligence Committee. Nunes, whose committee is investigating potential ties between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia, visited the White House the night before announcing he had information indicating Trump associates

Roger Stone: Democrats engaged in ‘fear-mongering’ on Russia claims

Roger Stone Jr., the legendary Miami-based political consultant and self-styled “dirty trickster,” found himself in the middle of the House Intelligence Committee hearing maelstrom earlier this week when top Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff questioned whether the FBI was investigating him and other Trump associates as part of its probe into Russian meddling in the 2016

Comey set to testify on Capitol Hill on Russia, hacking, wiretapping

FBI Director James Comey is set to testify Monday before a House committee investigating Russian activities during the 2016 presidential election, amid expectations he’ll provide long-awaited answers and evidence on that issue and whether President Trump was indeed wiretapped. The Justice Department on Friday gave the House intelligence committee requested information about Trump’s claim of

Democrats’ Campaign Committee Learns They ‘Must Listen to Real People’

Cortney O’Brien, It took the loss of the White House, Congress, and state races across the country to let reality sink in, but the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has finally realized what they must do to turn the tide: Listen to real Americans. The DCCC is putting this notion into practice by conducting focus group sessions ahead of the race for

Democrats Have a History of ‘We Was Robbed’ Articles of Faith

Fred Lucas, On Thursday, speaking about a discredited report on Russia and President-elect Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh told his radio audience, “this is going be a four-year story folks,” because it’s “rooted in the narrative that Trump’s election was stolen by the Russians and it’s not legitimate. Hours after Limbaugh’s prediction, Matthew Miller, a former

Wasserman Schultz grills FBI chief over Russian hacking issue in closed-door meeting

The former chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee who was forced to step down last year over her own leaked emails grilled FBI Director James Comey Friday during a closed-door meeting on alleged Russian interference during the election, Fox News confirmed. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., served as chairwoman the for over five years but

Undermining Trust in Our Institutions

Linda Chavez, President-elect Donald Trump conceded this week that he thinks Russia was responsible for hacking the emails of the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign, though he couldn’t help but add the caveat that it “could have been others also.” Trump’s reluctance to accept the conclusions of the intelligence community on this

DNC’s ‘gross’ negligence led to its hacking, Trump tweets

Just hours after the U.S. declassified an intelligence report Friday that offered new details on an alleged influence campaign stemming from Moscow– including cyber activity– President-elect Donald Trump took aim at the Democratic National Committee for allowing its systems to be hacked.   “Gross negligence by the Democratic National Committee allowed hacking to take place.The

Trump aides: Democrats’ complaints are sour grapes

Sour grapes. That’s how Donald Trump’s closest advisers see Democrats’ complaints that Moscow hacked their private emails this election season in a bid to sow discord among their supporters and sway the election toward Republicans. The pushback comes ahead of the Electoral College vote, which was expected to make official Trump’s election win and pave