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Relax: Muslim Trucker Who Posted Jihad Material to be “Deradicalized”

Robert Spencer, In other words, nothing is going to be done to stop him. The Italian news site ANSA reported Wednesday that a convert to Islam who calls himself Muhammad Santamato “posted material praising jihad,” and is now, authorities said, to be “deradicalized.” Italian authorities could just as well have said that they weren’t going

Matthew McConaughey to Hollywood: ‘Embrace’ Donald Trump

Jerome Hudson, A-list actor Matthew McConaughey sent a sobering message to celebrities and the cultural elites protesting Donald Trump’s election and his new administration: get over it. During an interview with ChannelFi to promote his new film, Gold, McConaughey was asked if he thinks Hollywood had given Trump a chance to govern. “Well, they don’t have a choice now. He’s our

The Nation of Islam Factor: Explaining the Islamic intransigence of the outgoing president

Lloyd Billingsley, In his January 10 farewell speech, President Obama cited “violent fanatics who claim to speak for Islam.” That was the only mention of Islam in the speech, and the outgoing president kept his record intact. For the past eight years, the most powerful man in the world has refused to connect Islam with

The Most Popular Investor Picks for Emerging Markets in 2017

These are the favorites for 2017 These are some clear favorites among investors for 2017. All things Russian and Indian are popular, as are Brazilian corporate bonds and Mexico’s cheap peso. The top calls for this year are centered on markets where the political climate is improving and assets are less vulnerable to external shocks arising

Americans Seek to Help Persecuted Christians, Government Helps Muslims

Raymond Ibrahim, The people of the United States get it, but the Obama administration could care less. As the Muslim persecution of Christians continues to reach critical proportions around the world (see report below), the average American shows much more concern than the current administration.  Soon after it was revealed that the Obama administration has

Hillary Insider Admits to Starting Birther Conspiracy

Truth Revolt, The fingers are pointing in every direction. As Donald Trump declared once and for all Friday that Barack Obama was, in fact, born in the United States, the mainstream media, and Hillary Clinton are still complaining that he peddled the conspiracy for the last five years. But another revelation on Friday confirms what

If you are a Christian, what you are about to read should concern you greatly

Michael Snyder | End Of The American Dream, Witchcraft, Islam And Humanism Are Filling The Spiritual Void Left By The Dying Church. A dramatic spiritual paradigm shift is taking place in the western world. At the end of last week, I discussed the fact that more Americans than ever before appear to be turning away from

Bringing a Chicken to the Immigration Fight

Noah Feldman Cockfighting, although practiced around the world, is banned in all 50 states. But is someone who breaks the ban committing a crime of moral turpitude? A federal appeals court has said no, declining to deport an immigrant convicted of facilitating a cockfight. In a line that may outrage animal-rights activists, the court said