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Obama’s New Press Secretary: Obama

 Farewell to Jay Carney, who ably served President Barack Obama during his three years as White House press secretary, an exhausting job. Before he leaves the West Wing for the final time, he should perform one more valuable public service: Tell his boss to conduct his own news conferences. In his first five years in

Judge Napolitano: Obama Impeachment Now œA Very, Very Valid Argument

“Provided material support to a terrorist organization” Libertarian pundit and and former New Jersey Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano has called for the impeachment of the President over the Taliban prisoner release, stating that he has aided the release of the worst terrorists in the world. “The president may well have committed a federal crime,”

Americans Support Deeper Probe Into Benghazi Attack

Sarah Jean Seman  “One thing this Congress is not short on is investigations into what happened before, during and after the attacks in Benghazi,” former press secretary Jay Carney claimed. However, a new Washington Post-ABC News poll revealed that not everyone agrees. Americans actually believe there is a need for a deeper probe into the

White House press secretary Jay Carney to step down

 WASHINGTON — President Obama said Friday that White House press secretary Jay Carney will be stepping down from his job and be replaced by deputy Josh Earnest. “It’s been an amazing experience,” Carney said after Obama’s announcement. “Just so fulfilling.” Carney said he will stay on until at least mid-June. Earnest described his appointment as

Obama And Hillary Hold Secret Meeting At The White House

 President Barack Obama and the woman who likely wants to be his successor, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, held a secret meeting at the White House on Thursday. In a strange sequence of events, the White House was forced to confirm the previously undisclosed Obama-Clinton lunch summit after People magazine tweeted — then mysteriously

Albuquerque VA Accused of Wait List Manipulation, Destroying Evidence

Guy Benson These “isolated cases” (Sec. Shinseki) that may or may not be indicative of a larger problem (Jay Carney) certainly are piling up. The latest is out of New Mexico, via The Daily Beast: Add Albuquerque, New Mexico’s to the growing list of VA hospitals accused of keeping secret waiting lists to hide delays

Obama tries to blow off his newest scandal: the VA outrage

It’s shocking to learn that the President who booted World War II vets out of their own memorial during Shutdown Theater would have a blase attitude about the outrage at VA clinics.  Confronted with reports of veterans left to languish on secret lists until they died, Barack Obama yawned and assigned a White House aide

White House criticizes Rove over reported Hillary Clinton comment

 White House spokesman Jay Carney mocked Karl Rove on Tuesday after the Republican strategist was quoted as saying potential Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton might have suffered brain damage from a 2012 blood clot. The New York Post reported that Rove made the suggestion last week at a conference. Rove denied using the phrase, but

Benghazi: What REAL Dems REALLY Think

Kevin McCullough  In bold, high definition, if you slowed the frame down enough, you could see the spray of spittle flying across the broadcast table at his fellow co-hosts on-the-air. Bob Beckel, a prominent democrat consultant, and co-host of The Five on Fox News was turning beat red. “Who cares?” He offered as his bottom

Pelosi’s ‘Bipartisanship’ Demand Underscores Democrats’ Benghazi Ambivalence

Guy Benson  Sarah’s piece ran through (House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) declared Tuesday that Democrats must constitute half of the Special Committee to investigate Benghazi.) the basics of Nancy Pelosi’s new request that the forthcoming House Select Committee on Benghazi be split evenly between Republican and Democratic members. That idea is going exactly nowhere,

Carney Refuses To Answer If W.H. Will Cooperate With Select Benghazi Committee

 In today’s White House press briefing, Jay Carney was asked if the administration intended to cooperate with any ongoing investigation by Congress of the events surrounding Benghazi or the release of pertaining documents, the focus of the new select committee that Congressman Trey Gowdy will be chairing.  ABC’s Jon Karl asked the Carney point blank,