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When It Comes to Chaos, Trump Has Nothing on Previous Presidents

Ed Klein,  If you get most of your news from the mainstream media, you might come to the conclusion that the first month of Donald Trump’s administration is unique in the annals of presidential chaos and incompetence. Rather than the “well-oiled machine” touted by Trump, the press portrays his presidency as a jalopy full of

Trump’s Four Options for Stopping North Korean Missiles (None of Them Good)

Kim Jong Un became the first head of state to grab President-elect Donald Trump’s attention in 2017, after the North Korean leader said he was close to test-firing a missile capable of hitting the continental U.S. “It won’t happen!” Trump retorted on Monday on Twitter, a platform he frequently uses to weigh in on global

Unity: Bill and Hillary Clinton, George and Laura Bush to Attend Trump’s Inauguration

Former President Bill Clinton and wife Hillary Clinton will attend president-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, according to several reports citing aides close to the Clintons. New York magazine cited “well-placed sources” to the Clintons saying they “decided to do so out of a sense of duty and respect for the American democratic process.” Former President George

Trump’s victory was history rhyming with itself again

Joe Scarborough, Americans view the election of a president the same way the world once looked upon the coronation of a British monarch. The king or queen who carried the crown was believed to embody the character of the empire he or she ruled. Just as the Victorian Age represented British supremacy and personal refinement, most

Mr. Trump, forget Carter and Kerry’s mantras. You can blaze a new trail to Middle East peace

Rabbi Marvin Hier, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, There he goes again. Donald Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet and former President Jimmy Carter is urging President Obama to recognize ‘Palestine’ before he leaves office. In his recent New YorkTimes op-ed, Carter reiterates his deep animus for Israel by labeling 600,000 Jewish residents of historic Judea

Obama promised to unite us but after 8 years leaves us more divided than ever

Michael Goodwin,  So this is how Hope & Change ends. With the FBI in turmoil, with surging anti-police violence, with fears of voter fraud and foreign hacking, with a sluggish economy, with a terror warning and with two unpopular presidential candidates tearing at each other like wolves. Heckuva job, Barack Obama! The 44th president made

Hillary Clinton is hemorrhaging support as a result of the FBI announcement

Paul Joseph Watson, Pollster: “The Dam is About to Break” on Hillary. Voters abandoning establishment candidate in droves. According to former Jimmy Carter pollster Pat Caddell, Hillary Clinton is hemorrhaging support as a result of the FBI announcement and we could see a repeat of the 1980 election when anti-establishment candidate Ronald Reagan won in

Analysis: Swing States Going Trump

Kit Daniels, Hillary giving up in Ohio, but state influences nation. Ohio, a bellwether swing state, is going for Trump and other battleground states will likely follow suit, according to expert analysis. Hillary Clinton has already given up on Ohio after struggling to attract crowds and even volunteers in the state, as Infowars reported in

A sea of media speculation as Trump, Clinton work the refs

Let’s face it: The only thing the media love more than a presidential debate is the pre-game chatter. You can bloviate and speculate and pontificate and predict like a football fan before the Super Bowl, and today’s Trump-Clinton faceoff is a Super Bowl-like event. And if you’re way off base, who really remembers? We size

Memo to GOP ‘Never Trumpers’: Reagan Isn’t Rising From the Dead

Larry Elder, A “never Trump” friend I’ve known since law school writes: “My former partner is old enough to have voted for Barry Goldwater. And like me, he is pro-choice, pro-gay rights and libertarian, so there are some Neanderthal Republicans out there who are just too distasteful to vote for. So, like me, he often

Jack Welch on why he’s voting for Trump

Jack Welch, the former GE chief and longtime Republican supporter, told CNBC on Tuesday he’s voting for Donald Trump because he likes the real estate mogul’s policies on tax reform, government regulations and national security more than those of Hillary Clinton. Welch was late to the Trump camp, first supporting Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who