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Manhunt Underway for CIA ‘Vault 7’ Leaker

Mikael Thalen | Infowars, CIA-FBI joint investigation examines hundreds of agency employees and contractors. A manhunt is currently underway inside the Central Intelligence Agency for whoever leaked thousands of documents to anti-secrecy organization WikiLeaks, CBS News reports. The leaked data, dubbed “Vault 7” by WikiLeaks, details the CIA’s offensive cyber capabilities and specific attacks against

Assange: Clinton Pushing for ‘Pence Takeover’ of Trump White House

Mikael Thalen | Infowars, Vice president denies allegations of mutiny against Trump. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange alleged Tuesday that Hillary Clinton and two intelligence officials are working to replace President Donald Trump with Vice President Mike Pence. Assange asserted that Clinton, who views Pence as “predictable hence defeatable,” is pushing for a “Pence takeover” at

WikiLeaks: Apple, Google, others will get CIA hacks first

Alfred Ng, Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, wants big players like Apple and Samsung to disarm the CIA’s exploits before he releases them to the world. WikiLeaks wants to join forces with tech giants against the CIA. The leak-focused site on Tuesday released thousands of alleged CIA documents, accusing the intelligence agency of amassing

Megaupload founder warns in series of tweets, Kim Dotcom: “Trump is in Danger”

Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars, The man who predicted that Wikileaks release of John Podesta’s emails would bring down Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is now warning that President Donald Trump is in danger. Kim Dotcom (born Kim Schmitz), was the founder of the infamous and now-defunct file hosting service Megaupload and is known to have

Pence: Commuting Chelsea Manning’s sentence ‘was a mistake’

Vice President-elect Mike Pence told Fox News’ “Special Report with Bret Baier” Wednesday that President Obama’s decision to commute Private Chelsea Manning’s 35-year prison sentence for releasing classified documents to Wikileaks “was a mistake.” “Private Manning is a traitor and should not have been turned into a martyr,” Pence told Baier two days before his

“Russian hacking” is the Left/Never-Trumpers’ explanation for Donald Trump’s election

Diana West,  In their furrowed-brow-telling, they have recently discovered something called “Russian interference” and “Russian influence.” Don’t ask where so many of them have been all of our lives, because they’ve spent about the past century telling us there was no such thing. That was then. Today, they insist that this newfound “Russian interference”

The Fake Media: Has a Liberal Opinion of Wikileaks’ Julian Assange

Eli Lake, Bloomberg View You almost have to feel sorry for Julian Assange. Shut in at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London without access to sunlight, the founder of WikiLeaks is reduced to self-parody these days. Here is a man dedicated to radical transparency, yet he refuses to go to Sweden despite an arrest warrant in

Trump beats the press over his feud with the CIA and alliance with Assange

Howard Kurtz, First it was Donald Trump against the CIA. Then it was Trump speaking sympathetically about Julian Assange.And now, in his classic counterpunching style, Trump is striking back against the media. Sometimes it seems to always come down to Trump taking on the press. Either the president-elect is dissatisfied with the coverage of this