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‘Climate Change’: It Was Better When The Media Didn’t Pretend To Be Impartial

Seton Motley, One of the greatest of the great many scams to be hatched and nurtured during the radical Left revolution of the 1960s – was the notion of “objective journalism.”  The radicals created the concept – to advance Leftism under artificial cover. Prior, most newspapers and other outlets were openly organs for one Party or faction

Legislators in California introduce bill to exempt teachers from state income tax

Legislators in California recently introduced a bill that would offer educators major tax breaks in an effort to keep them in the classroom and combat the state’s growing teacher shortage. The measure quickly drew fire from taxpayer advocates who criticized it as politically inspired favoritism. Democratic senators Henry Stern of Los Angeles and Cathleen Galgiani

Trump team is different from all others: Stephen Miller, A Second Thoughts Warrior

David Horowitz, Stephen Miller is President Trump’s senior advisor for policy and has been my friend since he was a student at Santa Monica High School in 2001, taking on his teachers and administrators for failing to respect country and flag in the wake of 9/11. Steve was raised in a liberal Democratic California household

Syrians Quietly Investigated During the Great Immigration Panic of 2017

David Grantham, President Trump’s executive order to halt immigration from several Middle East countries comes at the same time Americans are learning of Syrians who may have slipped through the cracks. The Los Angeles Times reports the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security are reinvestigating several dozen Syrian refugees who have already resettled in the United States

Fake Healthcare: Nancy Pelosi and the Chocolate Factory

Katie Kieffer, Forget “fake news,” America’s epidemic is fake healthcare where cancer patients can’t obtain immunotherapy while taxpayers are forced to bankroll $8,000 drugs to treat minor conditions. Welcome to life as a sick person seeking treatment—or a healthy person seeking catastrophic health insurance—in House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi’s America (a.k.a. Chocolate Factory).   Republicans

White House says expects Guantanamo transfers announced before Jan. 20

The White House said on Tuesday it expects additional transfers of prisoners from the Guantanamo Bay military prison to be announced before President Barack Obama leaves office on Jan. 20. “I would expect at this point additional transfers to be announced before January 20,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters when asked about a

Obama Administration Finalizes Social Security Gun Ban

AWR Hawkins, Breitbart On Monday the Obama administration finalized a Social Security gun ban that could prevent “tens of thousands” of law-abiding elderly citizens from purchasing guns for self-defense. Breitbart News reported this ban on July 18, 2015, when it was learned that the Obama administration was creating a ban on gun purchases that would

Amnestarian Lindsey Graham: Another Reason Why We Elected Trump

Arthur Schaper, President-elect Trump is quickly assembling his Executive cabinet. Key leaders in Congress are ready to repeal Obamacare and the disastrous Iran deal. But on immigration, legislators in Congress are already moving against his long-term plans–and the will of the people. It’s not so much that I’m surprised, as astonished—at the rank stupidity or

President Trump, Dead Castro – This Is The Best November Ever

Kurt Schlichter,  Thanksgiving just kept on going this year with the long-overdue death of Fidel Castro; coming on the heels of America’s repudiation of the schoolmarm liberal fascism of Hillary Clinton and election of Donald Trump, this is adding up to be the greatest November ever. But spare a few moments to consider the pain

Mosques in California receive letters threatening Muslims

A civil rights group is calling for greater police protection of mosques after several in California received letters that praised President-elect Donald Trump and threatened Muslim genocide. The Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, said that the same letter was sent to multiple mosques last week according to the Los Angeles Times. The Islamic Center

Pentagon asks troops to repay bonuses, VA rewards employees after widespread problems

Morgan Chalfant | Free Beacon, Obama Admin Targets Soldiers’ Bonuses, Lets Bad VA Employees Keep Theirs. The federal government is trying to recoup enlistment bonuses given erroneously to thousands of California soldiers despite routinely allowing poor-performing VA employees to keep their bonus checks. The Los Angeles Times reported last week that the Pentagon demanded that thousands of