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Bay Area Trump Event Marred By Violent Clashes With Left Wing Protesters

Matt Vespa, It’s not really shocking this happened, but it should be. Whenever American flags are burned and people are assaulted for exercising their First Amendment rights, it should be disturbing. In San Francisco Bay Area, left wing protesters did just that at a “March 4 Trump” event held in Martin Luther Jr. Civic Center Park. In

Ginsburg: Sorry for criticizing Kaepernick anthem protest

WASHINGTON –  Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is apologizing for characterizing as “dumb and disrespectful” the National Anthem protests by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and other athletes. The court released a statement from Ginsburg Friday in which she said she was barely aware of the anthem protest and that her comments were

Disgrace! UNC students disrupt national anthem, Another School Bans Jesus

Todd Starnes, It looked like a scene out of a dystopian film — row after row of brainwashed students – thrusting their fists into the air.  But it wasn’t Hollywood make-believe. It was Chapel Hill, North Carolina – during last week’s UNC football game. A horde of anti-American protestors thrust their fists in the air

When Anthem Fails to Play at High School Volleyball Game, Players Belt it Out

Guy Benson, Amid a national climate in which certain multi-millionaire professional athletes refuse to stand for the Star Spangled Banner (a disrespectful act partially defended by our president), and others choose to sit out team trips to West Point, here’s a patriotic pick-me-up on a Friday evening. Via Rusty Weiss, after the national anthem malfunctioned before a high school volleyball

Navy launches investigation into sailor who didn’t stand for National Anthem

The U.S. Navy has launched an investigation into the case of a sailor who didn’t salute as the National Anthem played during a recent morning flag-raising at Pearl Harbor, an official said Tuesday. U.S. Pacific Fleet spokesman Senior Chief Petty Officer Joel Cesar said it’s up to the sailor’s commander whether she faces any punishment

Colin Kaepernick visits Oakland team to show support for their National Anthem protest

It’s not “Black Lives Matter” or “All Lives Matter,” but Colin Kaepernick appears to have a new slogan for his protest movement: “Everything you do matters.” That’s the message the San Francisco 49ers quarterback delivered to Oakland’s Castlemont High School football team, who protested the playing of the National Anthem on Saturday by lying on

California high school student’s grade lowered for sitting during Pledge of Allegiance

A California high school student is expressing her displeasure after being docked points off of her grade for not standing up for the Pledge of Allegiance. KXTV reported Thursday that Leilani Thomas has been sitting during the Pledge of Allegiance since the second grade and this was the first time that a teacher had taken

Mini-Kaepernicks: High school football players kneel for National Anthem

Victor Skinner, NORFOLK, Va. – Forty-niners backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s distaste for the National Anthem is rubbing off on highschoolers. The majority of Maury High School’s varsity squad took a knee during the National Anthem during a game against Grassfield High School at Powhatan Field on Friday, The Virginia Pilot reports. A photo of the

Dear Colin Kaepernick

Ryan Bomberger,  Dear Colin Kaepernick, I hear you. And so do millions across the country. As a professional athlete, you actually have more sway than pastors. Welcome to a culture driven by the worship of sports. This is why your political statements carry such tremendous weight. Let me take you back for a moment… “If

Racism in America

Bryan Crabtree,  This past week has been interesting contrast of double-standards on race relations. Colin Kaepernick decided to kneel at a San Francisco 49ers football game during the National Anthem because ‘we’re an oppressive country.’ The media became outraged by Donald Trump’s tweet reacting to the death of Dwayne Wade’s cousin who was shot and

Celebrate America On July 4? By Playing The National Anthem With A Suppressed .22 Rifle

Joy Pullmann, “Let’s go shoot some freedom!” “Top Shot” champion Chris Cheng has a gift for us all on America’s birthday: a rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” … played with a suppressed .22 rifle and musical targets. “Let’s go shoot some freedom!” Cheng says before he starts sending rounds down range. What a great way