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President Trump Has Been Far Too Nice To The Mainstream Media

Kurt Schlichter, The sequel to that stupid mommy porn bondage movie is now in theaters, giving naughty thrills to bored housewives whose liberal husbands can’t cut it manwise, but the real festival of S&M was in the White House as President Trump unleashed his iron discipline on the media. Call it Fifty Shades of Orange.

The 3 Most Critical Lies the AP Told About the Supposed Trump National Guard Order

Frank Camp, At 10:12 a.m. ET, the Associated Press dropped a bombshell on Twitter: Shortly after the tweet, AP published a full story, titled: “Trump weighs mobilizing Nat Guard for immigration roundups.” Here’s the problem–it was riddled with misinformation. Here are the three most critical points the AP screwed up: 1. Trump Administration Didn’t Consider

10 people shot at party at National Guard Armory in Tennessee

Ten people were shot at a party overnight in Haywood County, according to the TBI.  The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has taken over the case. They tell us the National Guard Armory in Brownsville was rented out for a party Friday night.  Around 11:45, a fight broke out.  The TBI said that after that fight, shots were fired.

Head of DC National Guard to step down during inauguration

The head of the District of Columbia National Guard has been ordered to step down immediately after President-elect Donald Trump takes office. Maj. Gen. Errol Schwartz will be stepping down at 12:01 p.m. on Jan. 20, just after Trump is sworn in, Maj. Byron Coward, a guard spokesman said. Schwartz, who was appointed by President

Dan Rather To Teach Journalism Course Called ‘Finding The Truth In The News’

Matt Vespa, Former CBS News anchor and host for 60 Minutes Dan Rather is heading into the classroom to teach a journalism course at UDemy, an online education platform. The course will be called “finding the truth in the news” (via Joe Concha/The Hill): Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather has been tapped to teach

Corrupt Politician Exposed: Citizens Demand Sanctuary in Their Own Country

Arthur Schaper, The phrase “sanctuary city” should be redundant. Cities should be sanctuaries for citizens. Period. The surrounding walls of a community kept inhabitants safe from marauding tribes in the Middle Ages. To this day, Vatican City has its ancient surroundings. Israel has a fence, with a cement wall in key sections, to protect their

Lawmakers blast Pentagon over ‘boneheaded’ clawback of improper military bonuses

California lawmakers from both sides of the aisle piled on the Pentagon after reports it is forcing service members to repay enlistment bonuses improperly paid to thousands of National Guard soldiers a decade ago. The Defense Department ordered as many as 10,500 former National Guardsmen from California to pay back enlistment bonuses totaling as much

Now we’re suing veterans for improperly paid reenlistment bonuses?

Jazz Shaw, I’m normally one of the first on board when the government comes up with ways to cut down on waste fraud and abuse, but we may have finally found a subject where Uncle Sam should be looking the other way. In fact, this is the type of preposterous story that can get your

America, the rioting in Charlotte is Saul Alinsky 101

Todd Starnes,  Charlotte, North Carolina a Wednesday night of violence.  An angry mob prowled the streets like animals hunting their prey – brutally attacking police, civilians and news reporters. They literally tried to stuff an unconscious photographer into a burning trash can, according to eyewitness accounts. ✔ @WCCBCharlotte #WCCB witnessed protesters try to throw still

All this Disturbing Violence, Rioting and Racism is Obama’s Legacy #MAGA

Ugly scenes emerged from Wednesday night’s rioting in Charlotte, including Twitter video of a white man being beaten and dragged by a mob, and the brother of the black man whose death in a police shooting touched off protests telling media that all white people are “devils.” Charlotte officials appealed for calm on Thursday, two

State of emergency called after second night of unrest in Charlotte, North Carolina

One person was shot and gravely wounded on Wednesday in a second night of unrest in Charlotte, North Carolina, officials said, as riot police dispersed unruly protesters after the fatal police shooting of a black man under disputed circumstances. North Carolina’s governor later declared a state of emergency amid the disturbances and said the National

Robot detonates Latest device in another New Jersey bomb discovery

Five potential bombs were discovered overnight near a New Jersey station, one of which blew up on Monday as a bomb squad robot tried to disable it, after a weekend of attacks and security alerts in the United States. The devices were found late on Sunday, a day after a pressure-cooker bomb packed with shrapnel