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Naked man wanders into Mooresville, NC homes, spooks residents

MOORESVILLE, N.C. – Residents in a Mooresville community are on high alert after a naked stranger walked into multiple homes. The alarming cases were reported on Mallardwood Drive two days before Christmas. “It’s been a little tense since that happened,” resident Haley Pickens said. The bizarre behavior is almost beyond belief, Pickens said. A naked

Skip it? Hey American Atheists, here are five reasons to come to church this Christmas

Bruce Ashford, J. D. Greear Earlier this month, American Atheists launched two nationwide billboard campaigns urging Americans to celebrate the holidays by skipping church. The first billboard depicts a text message exchange in which one young woman tells a friend that she plans to skip church during Christmas and that her parents will “get over

Our Media Elite

Armstrong Williams, As the largest minority broadcast television owner, I have an interesting perspective as it pertains to the news and reporting. Knowing that millions of Americans rely on the local news and print journalist for information pertinent to their respective communities. The media has an obligation to be as balanced as possible in their reporting, but millions

GOP wins governors’ races in Vermont, Missouri, Indiana and NC too close to call

Republicans won control of governors’ offices in Missouri, New Hampshire and Vermont on Tuesday, picking up a trio of previously Democratic seats in their quest to expand their statehouse leadership to their strongest levels in decades. The governors’ contests in a dozen states were part of a battle for statehouse supremacy that also included nearly

Battle over bathrooms looms large in North Carolina governor’s race

In a year of police shooting protests, historic hurricane flooding and voting rights clashes in North Carolina, it is the battle over bathrooms that could prove pivotal in the Tar Heel state’s gubernatorial race. The election will effectively serve as a referendum on a state law that bans transgender people from using government-run restrooms that

Hillary’s in a Desperate Scramble to Stop Trump Surge

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina–With larger battleground states like Florida and Ohio trending against her, Hillary’s campaign is zeroing in on this traditionally red state to block Trump from reaching 270 electoral votes and the White House. Mitt Romney narrowly won North Carolina’s fifteen electoral votes in 2012 after President Obama won the state in 2008. If

Trump’s Defense Plans Will Benefit North Carolina Military & Create Jobs

“North Carolinians are justifiably proud of their record of service to our nation. Whenever America is called to action, chances are North Carolina’s men and women in uniform lead the way. North Carolina is the home to America’s Global Response Force. The most decorated unit in the Armed Forces — the 82nd Airborne Division, America’s

The Chemicals Anxiety Machine

Paul Driessen,  Rank politics and baseless health scares are driving anxiety, North Carolina election campaigns, civil rights claims and plans for class action lawsuits, all of which could bring electricity rate hikes that will cause real job, health and civil rights problems for families – for no health or environmental benefits. As I noted in

NCGOP Director: ‘We will not be deterred by this hate crime’

‘Nazi Republicans, Leave Town or Else’ The North Carolina Republican Party put out the following press release in response to an apparent arson attack this weekend at a party office in Hillsborough, NC. RALEIGH, NC – A North Carolina Republican Party office in Orange County was firebombed overnight, causing major damage and destruction. Thankfully, there

Sheriff Clarke Takes Down Rowdy, Drunken Passenger on NC-Bound Flight

Next time you fly, you might want to have this man on your plane – Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, took down a rowdy, drunken passenger on an American Airlines (AAL) flight bound for North Carolina over the weekend. He joined the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney to describe what happened. “This goof took the

NC illegal immigrants demand FREE college tuition

Victor Skinner, GREENSBORO, N.C. – Illegal immigrant students in Guilford County, North Carolina want free college tuition, and they plan to protest to get their way. A group of current and former Guilford County high school students are planning a demonstration at tonight’s Say Yes Guilford College Fair at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center