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Empire Center: Gov. Cuomo’s Green Energy CES Boondoggle Already Beginning to Collapse

Tim Lee, ‘New Yorkers shouldn’t relent until the entire Clean Energy Standard is consigned permanently to the policy ash heap.’  For months now we’ve been exposing an inexcusable, costly, climate alarmist, crony capitalist, green energy boondoggle imposed upon New York state citizens by Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state’s Public Service Commission (PSC) composed entirely of his

Free therapy because Trump won?

Dr. Keith Ablow, According to the New York Post, Mayor Bill de Blasio is creating a citywide safe space for New York City’s municipal workers and offering them psychotherapy sessions to deal with the results of the presidential election. Taken literally (and we should), the mayor is telling citizens of New York City that they

After Her Election Defeat Liberal Hillary Clinton Decries Fake News #PizzaGate

Hillary Clinton, speaking in public Thursday for one of the first times since losing the presidential election a month ago, called the proliferation of fake news “an epidemic.” So-called fake news — often blatant falsehoods passed off online as the truth and spread by conspiracy theorists — rose to prominence around the 2016 campaign and

New York Staters Must Be Tired of Big City, Big Government Cronyism

Seton Motley, The 2016 presidential election has renewed the ridiculous argument that we should shed the Electoral College and decide the race by the popular vote. Because Republican President-elect Donald Trump decisively won the former – but received approximately two million less votes in the latter. Leave aside the fact that Trump ran the electoral

De Blasio values political future more than people of NYC

Michael Goodwin, Extra, extra, Mayor de Blasio has revealed the slogan for his re-election campaign: “Let Them Eat Progressive Cake.” It was a tough choice. A little birdie tells me the slogans that didn’t make the final cut included, “Our Homeless Shelters Are Insanely Popular” and “Most of our Schools Suck But They’re Free.” Another

Opinion: How should a conservative vote?

Dan Hannan, I can’t think of a U.S. election since the Civil War where neither of the main candidates has been either conservative or Republican. Until now. Donald Trump never properly pretended to be a conservative but, until last week, he was notionally a Republican. True, he had come late and maliciously to the GOP.

Living In A Van – Time To Face The True State Of The Middle Class In America

Michael Snyder, Do you remember the old Saturday Night Live sketches in which comedian Chris Farley portrayed a motivational speaker that lived in a van down by the river?  Unfortunately, this is becoming a reality for way too many Americans.  As the middle class has shrunk and the cost of living has increased, a lot

Obama cracks jokes while jihadists lay siege to America

Todd Starnes,  Islamic radicals are once again waging jihad on American soil and President Obama is AWOL. There have been attacks in New York, New Jersey, Minnesota and a charity run for Marines. Among the victims — an eight year old child and a 15-year-old girl. And the only reason we’re not talking about massive casualties

De Blasio Defends Sanctuary Cities…

Cortney O’Brien, After Illegal Immigrant Victims’ Families Join Trump Onstage. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio did not like what he heard during Donald Trump’s immigration speech Monday night. The liberal leader rejected the GOP nominee’s characterization of illegal immigrants. “These are our fellow New Yorkers, we’re going to respect them, protect them, they’re part