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Trump says Mexican president ‘has got a problem’ with cartels

President Donald Trump told Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly in an exclusive interview broadcast Monday that Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto “has got a problem” with drug cartels in his country and could need U.S. assistance.  Trump was responding to reports that he told Pena Nieto in a phone call last week that the U.S. would

Amazon plans worldwide cargo hub, Nearly 3,000 jobs for N. Kentucky at $26hr #MAGA

Online retail giant Amazon will build a worldwide air cargo hub at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. Online retail giant Amazon will call the region home for its worldwide cargo hub, kicking off plans Tuesday for the largest ever investment by a company at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. Seattle-based Amazon has committed to invest $1.49 billion

Why Muslims back Trump on radical Islam

Shireen Qudosi, One week into his new administration President Trump has shown the American people that while he lacks the silver tongue of a statesman, he more than makes up for it with the decisiveness of a businessman. This week, President Trump signed executive orders on building the border wall in a sweeping move that

America’s New Trade Agenda: Holding Cheaters Accountable

Congressman Ted Yoho, Opening new markets abroad has been a mainstay of U.S. trade policy since WWII. It’s a noble endeavor, but it cannot succeed in isolation in today’s cut-throat international marketplace. Once America creates a new opportunity with a new trade deal, it must strictly enforce established trade rules to ensure countries don’t erect

President-Elect Trump Goes to Washington to Begin Transition

Already, Trump is lining up potential administration appointments, including Rudy Giuliani as a leading contender to serve as attorney general. Donald Trump heads to Washington on Thursday as president-elect, a step toward taking the reins of a divided nation.  His most prominent appointment is with President Barack Obama at 11 a.m., when they will meet in the Oval Office for 30

Trump Can Fix America’s Collapsing Inner-Cities

Justin Haskins, For the past 50 years, many of America’s inner cities have faced severe decline, and for 50 years, presidential candidates have promised to turn around decaying urban centers. This year’s election is no different. Both Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump have pledged to fix broken inner-cities, and for the first time

Sunday’s Debate, What Clinton and Trump Need to Prove On the Economy

Ian Salisbury,  Both candidates need to make a better case to voters. With many Americans still struggling to make ends meet, the economy is likely to take center stage yet again, when presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump meet for their second debate this Sunday. While Clinton was largely regarded as the winner at