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Bill Nye’s View of Humanity Is Repulsive

David Harsanyi, Bill Nye has some detestable ideas about humanity. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Many environmental doomsdayers share his totalitarian impulses (he has toyed with the idea of criminalizing speech he dislikes) and soft spot for eugenics. In his Netflix series, “Bill Nye Saves the World,” the former children’s television host supplies viewers with various

Conservatives Cheer Plan to End Subsidies for Public Broadcasting

Edmund Kozak, Trump proposes cuts to federal funding of PBS, NPR — both long criticized for left-wing bias. President Donald Trump’s administration proposed to fully defund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and its subsidiaries National Public Radio (NPR) and Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in a budget blueprint released Thursday. “You won’t see a zero next

At Least 25 Million Dead and Fraudulent “Registered Voters” in 2016

Kit Daniels | Infowars, Trump proven right: millions of dead and invalid voters not included in study showing 800,000 illegals for Hillary! A study revealing that over 800,000 non-citizens voted for Hillary Clinton doesn’t account for dead and fraudulent voters, which accounted for over 25 million “registered voters” during the 2012 presidential election – and little

President Trump Signs First Executive Order To Ease Burden Of Obamacare

Matt Vespa, As Donald J. Trump’s Inauguration continues, the president took some time before the events to sign two documents allowing Marine Corps Generals James Mattis and John F. Kelly to serve as defense secretary and homeland security secretary respectively. The Senate confirmed both men overwhelmingly this afternoon. President Trump also signed an executive order instructing

When Leftist Foundations Fund Activism Posing As Journalism #FakeNews

Seton Motley, #FakeNews is currently in the news “big league.”  Thanks to ridiculous Buzzfeed’s ridiculous release of a 35-page Donald Trump disinformation litany (to which we absolutely will not link).  A litany so fake – it was printed under the heading “Disinformation.”  But ridiculous Buzzfeed released it anyway. Thanks to ridiculous Buzzfeed’s ridiculous release of

Fake News — Plus Fascism: New York Times Urges Boycott of Breitbart

Joel B. Pollak, Breitbart In two op-ed articles for the New York Times‘ Sunday Review, the Gray Lady attacks Breitbart News and its founder, Andrew Breitbart, and encourages an effort to “destroy” the company by appealing directly to advertisers not to support the website. One article, “How to Destroy the Business Model of Breitbart and Fake News,” written

Gingrich: Obama in ‘desperate frenzy’ to leave legacy

President Obama’s final spree of policy changes and initiatives is part of a “desperate frenzy” to leave a legacy which will largely be reversed, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told “Fox News Sunday.” “His legacy is like one of those dolls that, as the air comes out of it, shrinks and shrink and shrinks,” Gingrich

Obama’s advice to Trump: Maybe don’t use executive orders so much

President Obama has some advice for President-elect Donald Trump: Do as I say, not as I do. The outgoing president, in an interview with NPR, urged his successor to pursue policy changes through Congress and not via executive order. “Going through the legislative process is always better in part because it’s harder to undo,” Obama said.

The Left’s “Trump is a Fascist” Smear

Paul Gottfried, Inside the totalitarian and twisted world of the Washington Post and NPR. For all my editorializing against Jonah Goldberg’s bestseller Liberal Fascism, the attempt at identifying fascism with big-government Democrats looks better to me now than it once did. To his credit, Jonah quotes real fascists and real Nazis. And he makes some

Dear Media: Please Stop Normalizing the Alt-Right #SpeakFreely

David Harsanyi, Mainstream news outlets are raising the profile of a fringe group of racists. Why does the March for Life, a rally that attracts tens of thousands of anti-abortion Americans to Washington, D.C., every year get less prominent media coverage than a fringe neo-Nazi gathering? Because institutional media and white nationalists have formed a