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Rush Limbaugh Is Right to Call Out Weather as ‘Fake News’

Douglas MacKinnon, Right after the latest blown “Monster Blizzard” forecast by the National Weather Service and national and local forecasters looking to boost ratings at the expense of the public, Rush Limbaugh called them out on it. As he rightfully articulated, this was not just “Whoops, we made yet another huge mistake” moment. Because of

Limbaugh blasts news media attacks on Trump as pointless, ‘kind of comical’

Conservative radio star Rush Limbaugh on Sunday assailed the news media, suggesting its efforts to “destroy” Republican President Trump are “comical” and dismissing stories about Russia purportedly influencing the 2016 White House race in Trump’s favor. “The media did not make Donald Trump, and they can’t destroy him,” Limbaugh said on “Fox News Sunday.” He

The Basis of American Exceptionalism Is True Freedom and Individual Liberty

Jay Lehr, When I was finishing my Ph.D. studies, I heard about an amazing history teacher who welcomed grad students in other departments to audit his course for pure enjoyment. I took advantage of his offer and audited his Revolutionary War course. He sat on the edge of his desk and hypnotized the class into

Obama: I’m Not Trying to ‘Kill Christmas’

Charlie Spiering, President Barack Obama claims conservative commentators including Rush Limbaugh are hypocritical when it comes to political correctness, citing the ongoing controversy about saying “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays.” “Look, I had to live through controversies like the notion that I was trying to kill Christmas … Right? Well, where’d that come from?”

Rush Limbaugh: ‘We Are on Offense With Donald Trump’

Jeff Poor, Monday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh commented on President-elect Donald Trump’s departure from norms, including his use of Twitter to communicate to the American people. According to Limbaugh, Trump’s use of social media is an example of him playing by a new set of rules, which has upset

Limbaugh Explains Why Trump’s ‘Thank You’ Speech Has the Left ‘Wetting the Bed’

James Barrett, DailyWire  On his number one radio show Friday, Rush Limbaugh discussed Donald Trump’s “Thank You” speech, in which the president-elect told the massive, raucous audience in Cincinnati Thursday that it was time to bring the country together around the one thing that truly unites us all: America. The speech has the Left “wetting the bed,” said

Limbaugh Perfectly Sums Up The Real Reason Trump Won — And Why The Left Won’t Face It

James Barrett, The day after Donald Trump’s historic upset of the “inevitable” Hillary Clinton, Rush Limbaugh took to the radio waves to help out all the left-wing “Drive-By” media struggling to understand what they had just witnessed — though they probably weren’t thrilled to hear his summary of the seismic defeat of the Democratic candidate.  “Liberalism, Big Government, whatever

Phyllis Schlafly was the conservative movement’s Mother Superior

Arthur Herman, Before there was Rush Limbaugh, before Sean Hannity, Pat Buchanan and even before Ronald Reagan, there was Phyllis Schlafly. For half a century, she stood rock solid on conservative principles. She single-handedly turning America’s rightwing into a powerful political movement, one that saved our country from disappearing completely down the social and intellectual

Trump Leads in Consecutive Florida Polls

Guy Benson, Boy, did Team Trump need some good polling news out of Florida after seven straight statewide surveys taken in August showed Hillary Clinton leading in the must-win state. We wrote a post asking if Florida was “slipping away,” based on an ugly Monmouth poll, which was quickly reinforced by an even uglier result from a

One Week After Apology Speech in Hiroshima=> Obama Trashes Veterans in Indiana

Jim Hoft, Last week, before Memorial Day, Barack Obama went to Hiroshima and apologized for American actions in World War II while ignoring the evils of Imperial Japan. The Imperial Japanese Military committed thousands of war crimes in World War II resulting in the death of millions of civilians and prisoners of war. Pacific War

Rush Limbaugh Says Establishment Wants Cruz… So He Can Lose in a Landslide

Tyler O’Neil, PJMedia On Monday, radio personality Rush Limbaugh suggested that the Republican establishment wants Ted Cruz to be the nominee, so that he can lose in a landslide and prove once and for all that only moderates can win. Limbaugh is not the first to expound this theory, but his presentation of it, right before

Indiana talk radio isn’t giving air cover to Ted Cruz

Indianapolis, If Ted Cruz is to win his make-or-break primary here, he’ll have to do it without an ally he’s had in major victories over Donald Trump before: Conservative talk radio. The resistance to Trump among right-wing talkers was one of the most powerful tools in Cruz’s arsenal in his win in Indiana’s northern Midwestern