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ObamaCare failed Americans. Now it’s time for relief

Sen. Mitch McConnell, By nearly any measure, ObamaCare has failed: It didn’t lower costs, it didn’t increase choice, middle-class families continue to lose health plans they were promised they could keep, and Americans continue to call for ObamaCare’s repeal. They spoke loudly again this November, and about 8 out of 10 favor changing ObamaCare significantly

GOP Girds for Race to Repeal Obama’s Final Rules Before Deadline

Republicans in Congress plan to deploy a powerful tool soon after Donald Trump is inaugurated to scuttle a host of rules put in place in the last months of Barack Obama’s presidency, yet they must act quickly for the tactic to work. A number of rules will be targeted using the Congressional Review Act, a law

Trump’s tax, infrastructure promises face pushback from GOP lawmakers

President-elect Donald Trump vowed to rebuild the country’s infrastructure on the campaign trail — but a closer look at his $1 trillion proposal to give the nation’s highways, bridges and railways a makeover shows the freshman politician faces a rough road of his own with members of the GOP. During his victory speech, Trump pledged

Dems odds of Congress takeover still a longshot

Democrats still face long odds in taking full control of Congress next month, despite buoyed optimism from Donald Trump’s embattled presidential campaign and the rift it has created within his Republican Party. While Democrats for years have targeted 2016 as the ideal time to retake control of the Senate, they had been far less optimistic

U.S. attorney general closes Clinton email case, says no charges

WASHINGTON The investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of private email while secretary of state is over, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said on Wednesday, removing a legal cloud that threatened the presumptive Democratic nominee’s presidential bid. Lynch said she accepted the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s recommendations that no charges be brought in the probe, as

Gun control bid fizzles out in Congress, Democrat sit-in ends

Another attempt at gun control fell short in the U.S. Congress on Thursday despite outrage at the Orlando massacre, as senators failed to back a proposed ban on firearms sales to people being monitored for links to terrorism. It was the latest setback for proponents of gun restrictions who have been thwarted for years on

No Vote: Democrats wind down gun protest after occupying House

Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives began winding down a “sit in” at the chamber on Thursday, but vowed to renew the fight for more gun control after the gay nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, despite strong Republican opposition. Scores of Democrats flooded the House floor for some 16 hours, sitting in the aisles

Senate votes down proposal to expand FBI surveillance powers

The U.S. Senate on Wednesday voted down a Republican-backed proposal to expand the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s secretive surveillance powers after the mass shooting at an Orlando gay nightclub last week. The measure followed the Senate’s rejection on Monday of four measures that would have restricted gun sales. During Wednesday’s vote, Senate Republican leader Mitch