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The Conservative Case for… Travis Childers?

Why The Democrat From Mississippi Deserves a Second Look  Now here me out. Suggesting that conservatives take a good look at Democratic nominee Travis Childers for the US Senate in Mississippi isn’t a suggestion motivated by “revenge” against Thad Cochran, even if that is a tempting in itself. I wouldn’t suggest Kentuckians look to Alison

How the GOP Will Lose the US Senate in 2014

Republicans Making All the Wrong Moves To paraphrase Rush Limbaugh, it looks like the GOP establishment is attempting “to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.” If recent behavior is any indication, it looks like they are working over-time to do so. Even with polls showing that Republicans would currently take control of the US Senate,

Conservatives, Losing One Battle Doesn’t Mean We Have Lost The War

Kurt Schlichter I was furious that Thad Cochran slimed his way to victory, but every time we hardcore conservatives lose a battle, it seems a contingent of bitter-enders starts up about how the Republicans and Democrats are exactly the same, and how they’ll refuse to vote in the general, and how they’ll take their collective

Derek Hunter: Egos And Infighting: The GOP’s Biggest Opponent In November

 Stars are aligning for a big Republican victory this November – solidifying and expanding the GOP’s majority in the House and perhaps gaining one in the Senate. This is a best-case scenario, and any majority in the Senate would be a slim one. But the importance of removing Harry Reid as majority leader cannot be

Congress is wildly unpopular. Despite the grousing, voters rarely fire lawmakers

 Congress is wildly unpopular. In fact, two-thirds of Americans want their own House member booted. And the tea party is dogging longtime Republican lawmakers. So incumbents are sweating out this year’s election, right? Nope. Mostly they’re not. People talk about throwing the bums out, but voters keep sending the same bunch back in. More than

Republican Primary Watch for Tuesday, June 24th

Tea Party and Establishment Races Dominate the Center Stage While there are not a lot of primaries on June 24th, the quality makes up for the lack of quantity. Conservatives hope to inflate their ranks in the US Senate by two while the power of opposing illegal immigration heats up in Colorado. In New York,

5 Reasons Mississippi Republicans Should Send Thad Cochran Packing Today

John Hawkins  Today, grassroots conservative Chris McDaniel is going up against establishment Republican Thad Cochran in a primary election in Mississippi. Other than Dave Brat’s victory over Eric Cantor, this has the potential to be the most important race of the election cycle so far.  If you’re in Mississippi, you need to get out and

Budget realities confront McDaniel’s rhetoric

 Republican primary challenger Chris McDaniel puts the nation’s $17 trillion debt at the center of his bid to represent Mississippi in the Senate, bashing six-term Sen. Thad Cochran as a profligate spender who has contributed to a problem that McDaniel considers “immoral.” At the same time, the potential tea party hero pledges support for Mississippi’s