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Hillary’s Veep: A look at Tim Kaine’s track record and agendas

Discover The Networks, Potentially the Worst VP in American History. During his years as a student at Harvard Law School in the early 1980s, Tim Kaine took a year off from his legal studies in order to work with Jesuit missionaries in Honduras. During the nine months he spent there, Kaine developed a keen interest in the teachings of

Election 2016: Trump and Clinton Stump in the battleground states

The campaigns for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on Saturday hunkered down in the handful of states that will likely decide their presidential race — with Trump again improvising in Pennsylvania ahead of Clinton’s swing through the state’s two big Democratic strongholds. The Trump campaign billed the speech in historic Gettysburg as Trump’s vision for

Catholic Advisory Group Calls on Kaine to Denounce Anti-Catholic Bigotry and Apologize

NEW YORK, NY – Yesterday on ABC’s Sunday talk show This Week Tim Kaine was asked to defend and apologize for the anti-Catholic bigotry contained in e-mails from Clinton campaign officials and instead questioned the veracity of the e-mails and the charges. Joseph Cella, the Catholic Liaison for the Trump/Pence campaign stated: “If, as Tim

Republicans: Let’s Forgive Donald Trump and Move On #StandwithTrump

Katie Nations, Lifezette  Pride should not get in the way of doing what’s right for our great country. I cringed when I read the transcript. And then, I could not resist — I watched the video and listened to the audio. The words Donald Trump said 11 years ago are repulsive. The idea that someone would

Kaine Embraces Theology that Idolizes Mass-Murderers like Fidel Castro

Humberto Fontova, A “dumb jock” surprises no one. It’s part of our comic folklore. So when Colin Kaepernick wears a Fidel Castro t-shirt while denouncing “oppression,” we snicker, eye-roll, and move on. OK, so this imbecile of a pro football quarterback, while condemning oppression against “people of color,” promotes a Stalinist dictator who jailed and

Trump’s Focus turns to Tonight’s Presidential #Debate

Pressure on Trump likely to be intense at second debate with Clinton. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, facing eroding support from his party over lewd remarks about women, goes into a second presidential debate with Democrat Hillary Clinton on Sunday needing to demonstrate he remains a credible candidate. The pressure on the 70-year-old Trump at

Trump vs. Hillary: Three things to look for at the showdown in St. Louis

William Whalen, Prior to Tuesday’s offering in Farmville, the last such national candidates’ debate in the Commonwealth of Virginia was in 1992 – well before Blackberries, back taxes and beauty queens drove the presidential narrative. That debate, on the campus of the University of Richmond, holds two dubious distinctions. It marked the first time that

Kaine Reveals Emptiness of Democratic Policies

David Limbaugh,  Because of his stellar debate performance, some think Mike Pence was positioning himself for a presidential run in 2020. But if likability still matters, it’s likelier that Tim Kaine was taking himself out of the 2020 running. From the very beginning, it was as though Kaine was auditioning for the role of a


The Daily Caller “Between 11 p.m. Oct. 4 and 9 a.m. Oct.5, #BigLeagueTruth had a whopping reach of 23,253,508 and spread of 31,430,567, the Republican National Committee confirmed to The Daily Caller News Foundation.” “GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s #BigLeagueTruth team accomplished its goal of getting its message out to an astounding number of people

Mike Pence: A Big Reason to Vote Trump

Melissa Clouthier, This election cycle, a huge percentage of voters are voting against who they hate/distrust the most. People dislike Hillary Clinton and think she’s a criminal who is above the law and disdains average voters. People worry that Donald Trump has bad judgment and makes stupid decisions. In an odd way, this made the Vice

Perfect Pence, Now that was a #Debate

Michael Reagan, The Mike Pence-Tim Kaine bout Tuesday night wasn’t the main event of 2016. It was what they call in boxing an “undercard” match. It was a contest between two natural lightweights – the VP candidates. There was no exciting 12th round knock out. But Pence and Kaine engaged in a good, spirited political

Obama ‘Aware of Hillary’s Health Issues,’ He Has a ‘Mole, In Manchurian Candidate Kaine’

John Hayward, Breitbart News Author Ed Klein talked about his new book Guilty as Sin: Uncovering New Evidence of Corruption and How Hillary Clinton and the Democrats Derailed the FBI Investigation on Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow. Marlow said he thought the most important of the book’s many detailed chapters concerned