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Unhinged Liberals Can’t Even Accept Super Bowl

Wayne Allyn Root, Don’t look now but liberals lost- again. And Donald Trump just won- again. His winning streak continues. Will liberals blame Putin and Russia for rigging the Super Bowl? What does Trump have to do with the Super Bowl? The New England Patriots are Trump’s team. And everyone knows it. Even Trump himself

Showdown! NFL MVP Matt Ryan for the Falcons Against Tom Brady and the Patriots

Daniel Leberfeld, Sports play as an escape from real world negativity. Unfortunately, the sports and political worlds collide quite a bit recently. Whatever your political persuasion, the actual game on Super Bowl Sunday should prove fun to watch. Neither the cast of the Mike Pence-hating musical Hamilton singing “America the Beautiful” pregame nor activist-singer Lady

Why can’t the mainstream media understand that the Super Bowl isn’t political?

Frank Miniter, Can the mainstream media have it both ways, even with the Super Bowl? Many in the media like to feign being above the political fray as they talk about about the partisan divide separating not just political parties, but also so much of America into red- and blue-leaning precincts. But then they step

Tom Brady and the secret hiding in plain sight at Super Bowl 2017

Dr. Marc Siegel, Football, supposedly the ultimate physical game, is in fact almost entirely mental. This is why New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, who is injured and can’t play in Super Bowl LI on Sunday, can still inspire his team by dressing as a caveman and performing the first ever “prehistoric” high-five and

Patriotism? Tom Brady’s Donald Trump Friendship in Spotlight as #SuperBowl Looms

Matthew Boyle, The New England Patriots will face off against the Atlanta Falcons a week from Sunday in the Super Bowl, and as the big game looms an interesting relationship takes center stage: Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady’s friendship with President Donald Trump. Sports Illustrated’s Melissa Jacobs reported on Tuesday about Brady’s recent interview with WEEI

Trump in New Hampshire: ‘Tomorrow, the American Working Class Will Strike Back’

Joel B. Pollak, New Hampshire — Donald Trump returned Monday night to the site of his early triumph in the Republican presidential primary, and to a state that he hopes to carry on Election Day to win the presidency. And he did it in grand style, arriving onstage at the Southern New Hampshire University Arena in

The Brave and Smart: Celebrities That Have Come Out in Favor of #TrumpPence16

Katie Kieffer, So maybe we’ll lose Cher, Lena Dunham and Whoopi Goldberg—but many beloved athletes, tech entrepreneurs, actors and entertainers will stay in America if Trump becomes our next president. “If ROMNEY gets elected I don’t know if i can breathe same air as Him,” Cher tweeted (grammar errors hers) in the 2012 election cycle.

Trump campaign releases results from candidate’s physical

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump released a summary Thursday of his latest physical examination and a letter from his doctor saying he is in “excellent physical health.” In the letter dated Sept. 13, which comes as both he and Hillary Clinton move to disclose new details about their health, Trump’s longtime doctor Harold N. Bornstein

GOP convention crews scramble on tight timetable, as set design unveiled

Republican National Convention crews are working essentially around the clock to get the Cleveland venue ready for the July 18 start, event organizers said Tuesday, giving a glimpse into the scramble to deliver on what Donald Trump promises will be a star-powered convention like no other. The race to finish was on full display Tuesday,

Donald Trump looks ahead to general election at Maryland rally #AmericaFirst

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump decried what he called a “rigged” primary system, but focused mainly on the general election as he campaigned for the first time in Maryland on Wednesday — a state with the potential to help clear his path to the GOP nomination. Fresh off a landslide victory Tuesday in New York,